Will Nancy Pelosi be Minority Leader on 12/31 (82/18)

Holy shit. There is so much free money on PredictIt, I literally don’t know what to do. Wait, that’s a false statement. I know exactly what to do: gamble.

Tune out all the garbage about Democrats throwing shade on Nancy Pelosi this election season. She has raised literally “hundreds of millions of dollars” for them over the years. She is the piggy bank for the whole “blue wave.”

Nancy Pelosi is like the Marines. She exists to protect the Democratic Party’s freedom, even if that means the freedom of her colleagues’ to say awful stuff about her so they can get re-elected. Also, like the Marines, Pelosi doesn’t lose fights.

No sane party leadership is going to topple its queen two months before an election, so this is basically just a bet that Pelosi won’t die between now and January. And given the generous life expectancy of rich, liberal, white women in Northern California, I think that’s a pretty good one to make.

See if you can still get some “yes” shares in the 80-cent range.


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