Rep. Pete Sessions is an ATM for the House GOP and His Election is an ATM for Your Wallet

sessions bueno

As promised, Keendawg here with some picks for the 2018 midterms. As a note, my over-all strategy is to find the high water mark of the “Blue Wave” and then bet the hell out of everything above it. Well, where else to look but in the Lone Star State, where the talking heads have been saying that Texas could turn blue this November. Uhh, no, it can’t.

When people say that Texas will be a Democratic state in 2018, they sound like the tools who said George W. Bush was going to win Pennsylvania in 2004. Or that Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman was going to be the governor of California in 2012 just because GOP voters were juiced-up to oppose Obama.

Anywhere, here is Rep. Pete Sessions (TX-32):

Pete Sessions

This guy’s a winner. He’s a ten-term Congressman from the Dallas suburbs. He chairs the House Rules Committee, which is a big job that no one in Congress actually understands. But what really matters are Sessions’ extra-curriculars: he chaired the National Republican Congressional Committee for years, which means that he was the ATM for the whole House GOP.

Basically, Sessions is a money monster. He can raise it quicker than I can read the microwave label on a box of Stouffer’s lasagna, and probably half of Congress owes him a favor or two. No one is going to out-raise this bro.

True, Sessions’ district has gotten more demographically challenging for an old white guy to hold. But according to my expert research, TX-32 is still rated R+5. That’s a 2-percent cushion over Hillary’s margin of victory there in 2016 (3 percent). Also, I know that we’re all on the lookout for the giant army of college-educated women who are marching on Republican strongholds this November, but we’re talking about Dallas here. TX-32 is a district that Obama lost by an average of 17.5%. This is not a place where people spend the weekend lamenting their white guilt over matcha tea.

I bought YES in this market at 63 cents and will continue to buy as long as it stays below 75. You should too.

sessions bueno


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