Screw It, I’m All In: Rep. Martha McSally Is Going to Win Arizona in a Screamer


I have literally been sitting in a bathtub full of corn starch for the last month trying to control the outbreak of hives I get whenever someone asks me if GOP Rep. Martha McSally or Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is going to win the open Senate seat in Arizona. Well, I am out of the bathtub. I am out of the closet. I think McSally is going to crush it.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother reading polls. But if you are one of those betas who pumps unleaded fuel into your truck (I actually grind-up my own lead) then let me hit you with this: for the first time ever, Rep. McSally is in the lead. An ABC poll has her up by six.

But wait, isn’t that an outlier? Maybe, but if you want to make money in this business, you have to front-run the polls.

McSally taking the lead checks-out with the fundamentals: Arizona has had one Democratic Senator in the last 40 years, it’s way whiter than the cantinas in Tucson make you think (over 70 percent), and has no sources of water for a “blue wave” to come from. Also, Rep. McSally has a lady card to play, which I think is potentially huge in an election where most experts agree that a maximum of 57 women will vote for Republicans, due to the fact that President Trump has been a total asshat to women his whole life. I guarantee you that Rep. McSally can double that number.

And finally, the big bosses at GOP headquarters like McSally for a future Secretary of Defense or maybe even president. They’re committed to backing up the Brinks truck to win this seat.

Money truck

Bold moves. I’m betting YES that Martha McSally wins this in a screamer. If you agree, make your bet ASAP, because when another good poll comes in, I guarantee you the price climbs up to the 70s.

mcsally market

And if you disagree, then watch this spot until you learn how to be alpha. This woman is such a boss.


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