A Few Race’s We’re Betting But Haven’t Had the Time To Tell You About

Hey, you animals. Things are moving fast these days. We’ve bought positions in the following races but haven’t had time to tell you.

Rep. Mike Bost will be re-elected in IL-12. Charlie Cooke agrees and just flipped this from tossup to Lean R. This race is over-priced right now at 85 cents. I would not buy until it’s at 80 or below.

Rep. Peter Roskam will lose in IL-6. Roskam is sitting on top of a textbook GOP bear trap: a wealthy, highly educated suburban district where Donald Trump’s tone has been a major turn-off. A NO here is trading at 64 cents, which is an okay price.

I’ve also bought a small position in Sen. Dean Heller hanging on to his seat in Nevada. Hold on to your butts there though.

Check back later for more.


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