Podcast: The Trump-Mueller Gold Rush With Zoltar-the-All-Knowing

According to scientists, if you want to conquer your fears, you have to face them. Well, I did this this past week when I sat down with my stalker, the anonymous lawyer known only as “Zoltar-the-All-Knowing,” and picked his brain about some of the markets he’s been playing on PredictIt. Turns out, Zoltar is a smart guy and his jurisprudence is already making me money in the Trump-Muller probe marketplace.


I’m always excited when I get to throw a post up and drop some knowledge on my readers, but I am especially proud to share this week’s podcast, which focuses on all the legal battles happening in and around the White House. That’s because my guest, Zoltar, is (1) a real lawyer, and not a cable news jockey trying to fish your eyeballs with partisan clickbait; (2) has a track record of picking winners on PredictIt in exactly this space; and (3) is a total savage who should not be allowed anywhere near civilization. Seriously, I do not think this guy should be permitted in school zones.

If you travelled to this blog in your partisan echo chamber (of either variety), then I would suggest buckling up, because Zoltar is about to take you down a bumpy road of truth and horror.

burning in streets

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: The Trump-Mueller Gold Rush With Zoltar-the-All-Knowing

  1. The argument that Hillary Clinton got help from a “foreign source” is ridiculous on its face. It’s a gross misunderstanding of election law.

  2. Zoltar – the news app you talk about at the end, Freedle? Friedle? Fredal? I can’t seem to find anything remotely close on google. By chance, can you tell me the name of it?

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