Well, That Was Awesome

Animals, thanks for joining us on my all time favorite day of Star Spangled Gamblers history. We absolutely crushed the State of the Union and pitched a perfect game, netting all of you who traded with us a 48 percent gain. Not bad for a few days’ work. But more important, it was our #1 biggest day in traffic, and one of our biggest winners of the night, the “Will Trump Say Fake News at State of the Union” market, came to us on a tip from you guys. We love betting and winning, but more than anything, SSG is a community. Some of you come to it searching for alpha and some of you come to it because you are tired of blowhards in the Mainstream Media taking politics way too seriously. We get fired-up for both. Our mission is to show the planet that politics is fun — and to get everyone rich while we do it.

So speak up. Tell us what you’d like to see more of, any markets you’re watching, or your favorite flavor of Smirnoff Ice. We don’t care. As I said, SSG is a community. Thanks for joining in for the ride.

[wpvideo iD0EtcqL]





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