Podcast: Interview with CNN’s Scott Jennings & Co-Founder RunSwitch PR

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I recently took a trip to the Bluegrass State to sit down with CNN’s Scott Jennings, who you have probably seen doing a little political roughhousing on TV with the likes of Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Erin Burnett.

Scott is more than just a talking-head though. He is a co-founder of RunSwitch PR, based in Louisville, Kentucky; a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government; as well as a former senior political aide to President George W. Bush, then-GOP Presidential nom Mitt Romney, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Knowing that, I fully expected to have to break into his office and convince his assistant that I was a lesser-known Bush sibling who was writing an autopsy of the 1992 Presidential campaign and badly in need of quotes. But Scott required zero deception and even offered me coffee and tea while he spit truth-after-truth throughout our interview. I guess people really are nicer in Kentucky.

Anyway, SSG couldn’t be more excited to have Scott join. I guarantee you that listening to him will make you feel like a smarter and more virtuous American. That said, if you read this website, you probably gamble on politics– so that might not be a high bar to clear.

And when you’re done, check out the work he’s doing over at RunSwitch PR, shaping communications strategies for heartland audiences.

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