SSG FAMILY FEUD: Will Cohen Testify to Congress Before March?

I have tried as hard as possible not to bring my personal life to the office. I have made it a guiding principle of Star Spangled Gamblers not to let you peep behind the curtain. But today I have some terrible news: our family is absolutely torn apart over Trump Attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony date, which is dominating betting action on PredictIt right now. The SSG household looks a lot like this:

Image result for american beauty dinner gif

Truly, this is a Shakespearean tragedy. Not just for Michael Cohen, who is going to federal prison for being Donald Trump’s very own Saul Goodman–

saul goodman

But for me, the Keendawg, father figure and founder of the SSG family.

Imagine my delight when I got this email from friend-of-the-blog, Old850, who apparently neglected his family for an entire weekend to pitch me his take on how the Cohen testify market is going to resolve.

850 cohen email

First of all, I am 100 percent supportive of anything that was created by Carlo Rossi jug wine, since I am pretty sure that 55 percent of babies conceived by people in their 20s are also created by it. But my joy was fleeting. That is because I knew that my best friend in the whole world, Zoltar-the-All-Knowing, had been building up a position in this market too. But when I pitched him Old850’s take, he responded with this gut wrenching message.

zoltar cohen take

Ruh-roh, looks like we are a house divided. So today you’re getting three takes. In our family, everyone gets their turn.

The Case for YES — by Zoltar the All Knowing

The Case for NO — by Old850

The Case for Staying Out of this Absolute Cash Trap of a Market — by Keendawg

What can I saw, we report, you decide.


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