Official Predictions for the Senate Bipartisan Beatdown

I have been telling you monsters for weeks that the Senate vote on Trump’s border wall emergency is going to be an absolute slaughter for the White House. I already told you how many votes I thought it would get, and as of tonight, I’ve opened a new position in the 60+ votes market in case this thing breaks worse against Trump than Lenny Kravitz’s pants:

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Now on to new business: here are my picks on individual Republican Senators’ votes. Honestly, I wish I could have given you these bets sooner but I am a working man and as much as I enjoy using this blog to give you bricks of gold for free, sometimes I just can’t. You can fix that by sharing SSG with your friends so that I can make more money off of advertising and eventually quit my job to do this + cure beef jerky full time.

Anyway, here are my picks:

gardner jra marketmike lee markettoomey marketalexander marketrubio marketromney market

The only serious question I have is regarding Sen. Ted Cruz, who has recently re-branded himself due to the fact that he almost got rocked by YouTube star Beto O’Rourke in the 2018 election. I am not sure whether Ted Cruz’s re-branding has returned him to his Tea Party, Constitutional conservative roots; or if he is now basically just going to be Theon Greyjoy (“Reek”) for Republican Party Leadership until they forgive him for being a massive douchebag for his whole career.


Depending on which personality software Sen. Cruz has installed, his vote on this bill could be massively different. PredictIt traders also seem pretty clueless about Lyin’ Ted because this market is 50/50. So I am staying out.

Anyway, there you have it.


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