Roger Stone is the Wrong Kind of Maniac to Snitch on Trump

Greetings degenerate political gamblers of PredictIt and SSG. It is once again time to allow Zoltar, the almighty, to lift you up from the squalor and misery that is your mortal lives so that you can taste the undying ecstasy of alpha. I felt the Keendawg’s need for free money after seeing the face-ripping he endured by betting YES on, “Will Sherrod Brown Run for President” and have deigned to unlock a safe full of cash for him and for you. This chest of gold is labeled, “Will Roger Stone Publicly Testify Against Donald Trump in 2019,” and once I give you the combination to its lock, my winning streak of political predictions will be 19-0.

Allow me to begin. Often times in a political prediction market, the available crumbs of public information look trivial alone. But when pieced together correctly, they provide you with a clear-cut fact that was not apparent before. Observe Roger Stone in the flesh:

This is truly a man who does not care at all what you think of him and will not fold under pressure from Congress, the press, or even a God like me. This process is how I am now certain that following market will resolve in NO and that Stone will not dish on Trump in this Year of our Lord, 2019.

Stone testify market

Why Roger Stone will not testify against Donald Trump this year:


stone nadler

stone feinstein letter

  • Stone’s trial date has been set by his judge to start on November 5th. Pleadings have already confirmed that Mueller obtained over 9 terabytes of discovery — an amount so large that Stone’s lawyers said if it were on paper, it would pile as high as the Washington Monument, twice. Stone also appears ready to call in every political witness the judge will allow to question them around the controversial matters that continue to arise from the Russia Collusion investigation. As a result, Stone’s trial will take about a month before reaching a verdict (if there are no trial delays which are quite common). After the verdict, the judge will sentence him sometime around January 2020 (at the earliest).

Screenshot 2019-04-14 22.10.15

  • The rules for the, “Will Stone testify by 2019” Market say if Stone appears before Congress and pleads the 5th, this market resolves as a NO. Stone’s current trial and likely prison time stem from the allegations that he lied during his last Congressional hearing. Put simply, Stone would be insane to expose himself to more charges and steeper prison sentencing by doing anything but pleading the 5th in response to Congressional inquiries.

Bottom line:

The only way NO shares in this market lose is if Stone reaches a deal with prosecutors before his trial date in November AND Congress calls Stone in to testify because House Democrats still have a boner for trying to prove Trump that Donald Trump is a Russian spy. Hint: Democrats have already pivoted from Russia collusion and moved onto an investigation of Trump’s financial crimes. From here on, House Democrats will only superficially investigate Russia collusion in an effort to save face after looking like dummies for chasing the Russiagate conspiracy theory that was Alex Jones-level bad. So grab as much PI cash as you can get your greedy hands on and load up on NO shares. I’ll meet you all in the winners’ circle on Jan 1.

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