I Got a C in English but You Animals Keep Asking Me About Theresa May & the UK

I honestly have no idea why you people want me to tell you who is going to win the Conservative Party’s election in the UK. I got a C in English and still don’t know how to spell Shakespear’s name. The only Whigs I have studied are Motley Crue’s.

That said, I am a total people pleaser and have been on the phone all day with friends of the blog (FOBs) who have either been to a Rolling Stones concert or taken a selfie inside of a red telephone booth.

international man of mystery disguise GIF

Also, at least 1/3 of the cigarettes that my cousin Josh bootlegs outside the Fantastic Sam’s in San Bernardino are Parliaments, so I have been getting his opinion too. At this rate, I will basically be an expert by tomorrow and you will know me as Duke Keendawg. Until then, keep hunting for alpha in the New World.

uk wank




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One thought

  1. Bet no on Boris. I have never been to a Stones concert, but I have posed for photos inside a red telephone booth and in front of Lee Ho Fook.

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