Okay, You Brits Have a Good Point About Theresa May

I have been absolutely pounding out content for Brit Week. This has led to a few unintended consequences. The first one is that my lower lip is 100 percent shredded from all the chew I’ve been packing. I am basically Skoal’s #3 customer in the Southwestern USA, right behind whatever members of ZZ Top are still alive.

zz top skoal

The second is that a lot of you have been calling me a massive beta for being too scared to bet on Theresa May holding her PM job until June 30 for the price of 86 cents per share.

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Talk about getting lit up. However, I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong. And i still don’t think I am wrong, because every UK market is overpriced now that Donald Trump is on holiday there. There are just too many Yanks who are acting like wanks and parking their money in dumb places. This is why I told you that:

“I realize I am being pretty picky about not gambling on it [May’s departure date] in the mid-80s, but UK politics is a total away game for me, so I am not trying to get Dunkirk’ed.”

But then I got this tweet from some local UK heroes that it is really making me see the light. Maybe I have just been beta AF.

I am actually reading this in a more American way and that is that no credible political party is going to appoint its leader twice in a row without an election. Even Saddam let the people vote. Our proprietary SSG data bares this out.

Brit conservative

Though the Tories have picked their Leader twice without a public vote, they’ve never done that two times in a row. Therefore, I think this is proof that we are headed to a contested election. As for my beta move–

Image result for im wrong gif

But I am still going to try to get into this market as close to 80 as possible. Hopefully the UK stuff calms down once Trump gets back to the USA.


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3 thoughts on “Okay, You Brits Have a Good Point About Theresa May

  1. Labour was in the majority from 1997-2010 and held the PM’s office during that time, so I am not sure I see the relevancy of the first 3 data points? Is that supposed to say “Tory Leader Vacant” where it says “PM Vacant”?

    Theresa YES PM on 6/30 dipped to around .50 a day or two before she announced she was leaving but I was already maxed on YES since 5/4/2019! Maybe I should leave some room between my position and the ceiling to pick up more next time?

  2. I have no cash to buy any more shares and will not until some of the 6/30/2019 markets resolve in my favor. But if I did, I would keep an eye out for a new market in Boris in Final 2 of Tory Leader Election? That’s a gimme. When they create a new market, it starts out out of equilibrium (I think) and you can get them dirt cheap. Right?

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