Today I am Grateful for SSG Readers and Their Savage Picks

After absolutely nuking May’s political gambling opportunities, I’ve been feeling like my bag of tricks is running low and that I am in need of some creative inspiration. Ordinarily, I would just slide over to the Congressional zoo and watch some of the political animals graze on taxpayer dollars, like this elephant:

Rep. Billy Long (R-MO)

And this donkey–

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)

But these days, whenever I check up on Congress, they are either questioning an empty chair–

Or confirming conservative judges from states where people are absolute lunatics for college football.

The problem is that there is no good way to bet on judges and I am feeling a little squirrelly about how to play the testify markets that produce all these empty chairs. All of this was starting to make me feel sad, but then I checked my inbox and found a bunch of brilliant trading ideas from you animals, which is my favorite thing in the world. The heart of this blog is its readers and as far as I am concerned, our mission is to share info so that we can beat the books together. Here are some of my favorite tips we got this week.

From FOB Pratik Chougule, author of How to Make Money from Political Predictions:

What a buy. Important people like ex-CIA Director John Brennan never get in trouble. I think I’m going to have Zoltar look at this one. Speaking of which, my money line rang this weekend.

That’s right, I heard from Mr. 22-0.

Very few things make me happier than knowing that Zoltar is at work on a legal market– in this case, PI’s bet on whether or not the 2020 Census will ask people their citizenship status. Look for that later this week.

Then, I got this note through our contact page from an FOB engineer who wishes to remain anonymous:

Hmmm. I personally have been a little scared to bet on Andrew McCabe’s legal problems. This is because Donald Trump is vengeful AF and someone over at DOJ is going to get his/her ass handed to him for getting too frisky with the FISA warrants in 2016. And unlike John Brennan, Andrew McCabe is not famous enough to be above the law.

As for Bibi, this Israeli PM is an absolute truck. He could run against Moses and still have votes to spare. In fact, if I were him, I would be pulling a Donald Trump 2020 and proactively owning my most dangerous challenger. That means pointing out that just because Moses was a true progressive who freed the slaves from Egypt doesn’t mean he would be a good leader. I personally would not want to follow anyone who got lost in the desert for forty years. So yes, I totally buy that Netanyahu will still be PM at the end of the month, even if Moses, Jesus, and Gelda Meir are on the opposing ticket.

And lastly, FOB Ravi also left us this tip below one of our articles.

I have used this argument before and gotten scorched worse than Mitt Romney did for that whole “47 percent” thing, but betting on Joe Biden during a slow news cycle feels like it could be an ATM. I think it could be my next post too.

Thanks for the tips, animals. Keep them coming so we can smash PI together.



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2 thoughts on “Today I am Grateful for SSG Readers and Their Savage Picks

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! 😄

    Funny stuff!

    Re: McCabe: indicted for lying to the FBI about exactly what he allowed to be leaked to the press? Please. It was almost 3 years ago, more than enough time for a U.S. Attorney to investigate. He is a public figure now, after making dozens of TV appearances and publishing a book; an indictment would be regarded as obvious political retribution for telling the truth to the Grand Jury and to the public about what he saw and did while at the FBI.

    Biden not in 2nd Place in RCP average is another sure winner (in my opinion); Biden’s numbers are down, but his lead has actually expanded because Bernie’s are down more! Some of his points are going to Warren, Pete, and possibly Pete. Betting on Bernie remaining in 2nd on 8/1/2019 is a bit risky for me.

    Do you do your own cartoons? They are great!

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