One Week from Today: Coachella at the Dem Debate

Coachella Flyer DNC Final

Who’s ready? I am already icing down some beers and prepping Barack Obama’s sweet potato pie. I might even fire up the grill and throw on a rack of John McCain’s ribs.

All I know is that I am lit AF for these first two Democratic debates. I guarantee you, I will be going harder at my tailgate than Trump went at Hillary. I may even spend a night or two in jail. At least I have Zoltar to call if they lock me up.

There is so much to prep for. So many questions to answer.

Will we finally find out who the f*ck John Hickenlooper actually is?

Will Elizabeth Warren refuse to come out of her dressing room because she got boned with the first night?

Will Joe Biden sh*t the bed or accidentally grope a female audience member?

Will Beto O’Rourke get his mojo back?

Will Andrew Yang seize the national stage and get on a rocket to the top, as the #YangGang has predicted?

Or will Mayor Pete intercept him from the high orbit he’s been in since spring?

I am so lit just thinking about it, I am going to have to smash a few beers just to get to sleep. But to be honest, that is every other Tuesday night,too.


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5 thoughts on “One Week from Today: Coachella at the Dem Debate

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Are there any markers you’re fired up about or want to know more about?

      1. Would be interested in your thoughts on:
        – any of the Dem debate markets, particularly the lower tier Dem to 5%+ following debates
        – the primary state markets (I’m already invested in most of these, but am curious how you’d approach them)

        The two posts about debate effects on the overall 2020 primary market were good, thank you!

        Also curious whether you think your posts move the smaller markets.

      2. All good questions. I’m not thinking much about primary markets yet but have made a couple buys proactively in hopes of catching a pump if a candidate over performs. it seems very far away right now and I am not concerned with the odds moving. I am skeptical that a Dem can 5x his/her following in a couple days given that the RCP averages factor in a lot of polls but if someone like Klobouchar/Booker/Beto on the cusp that is probably a good bet. I have not been following those closely but will file a follow-up to my last few posts soon.

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