DNC Pre-Season, Week 2 Quarterback Controversy

Per my last post, last week’s Democratic debates were the first week of the NFL Pre-Season. Here is the scouting report on the top candidates for the Democratic Party’s starting quarterback and what I think their odds of winning the primary are.

Joe Biden

biden steelers

I am just not sure if Biden is going to fit into the Democratic Party’s offensive scheme this election season. He knows how to pound the ball up-the-middle, but there is definitely an appetitive inside the party for someone who can roll out to the Left and move the ball deeper into the Red zone. Biden also struggled to read the defense in Miami as evidenced by the fact that he threw a total pick-six to Kamala Harris over the highly unpopular issue of busing. Keendawg says: 25/75

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

warren brady

I am not going to tell you that she is the most athletic player in the game but her football IQ is absolutely the best in class. Some Democratic Party fans would like to see a younger and more dynamic player under center like Sen. Kamala Harris or Mayor Pete Buttigieg, but Warren will be hard to beat. Expert play calling & game management. Rarely makes mistakes. The game is in her DNA. Keendawg says: 20/80.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

kamala heisman

I think a lot of us had questions about Harris given that this is her rookie season in the big leagues. Her skillset fundraising and being woke AF is proven by her time in the Senate D-league but her locker room presence has been very negative to date. She has built her career by running the West Coast offense AKA bashing Republicans for being terrible people but not offering much else. This is not a style of play that can win consistently at the pro level, which Hilary Clinton knows all about.

That said, Harris showed a lot of growth at the pre-season opener in Miami and was extremely poised with a high football IQ. She tossed dart-after-dart into the endzone and showed a mastery of fundamentals that I can only compare to Rep. Eric Cantor’s breakout breakout performance in 2010, when he absolutely clowned President Barack Obama on live TV by shredding all 1000 pages of Obamacare.

Priceless. Watch this one. Keendawg says: 20/80.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Communist-VT)

bernie favre

Honestly, I don’t even know what this guy is doing in the league anymore. He kind of reminds me of late-stage Brett Favre, who had a rocket arm and only one play call– throwing an absolute bullet into triple coverage, praying to find some daylight between the opposing defense and unpopular proposals like Medicare For All. Like Favre, I think Sanders is better positioned to win in Greenbay and Minnesota than in New York. Keendawg says: 15/85.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN)

mayor pete running qb

Is this a high school football game or are we playing hardball? This guy’s fundamentals are superb and he is definitely a future All-American, but I think he needs to stay in South Bend for another season and get some more reps in. Maybe if he can bulk-up a little more, Buttigieg can be a first round pick in 2024, but until then I think Mayor Pete’s campaign is going to have a hard time finding enough daylight to run the ball up the middle the way he wants to. Maybe a short term fix is to get out of the pocket some more, roll Left and throw a few Hail Mary’s up to score a viral touch down in the YouTube Red zone, but something tells me that that is not his game and never will be. Keendawg says: 15/85.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)

On paper this bro looks great. Speaks a mile a minute, young, energetic, diverse, but just isn’t cutting it on the field. I know that Sen. Booker thinks he is a DNC quarterback but I am thinking he gets picked up on waivers and signed as a wide receiver, maybe catching balls from the next Democratic President from a cabinet gig at the Department of Justice of Department of Housing and Urban Development. Keendawg says: 6/94.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. I’ll see you with some real alpha later on.



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6 thoughts on “DNC Pre-Season, Week 2 Quarterback Controversy

  1. Maxed 2nd Place RCP on 8/1/2019? Biden NO and McCabe indicted in 2019? NO. I wish I had done the latter way earlier. (I had no free cash until 6/30 markets resolved in my favor.) There’s still James Comey and John Brennan NO in the low 80s.

      1. The NY Congressional Primaries are not until 6/23/2020! I’d rather earn a 5-10% return 10 times over the next year with that money. August is a slow news month for politics, esp. in an odd year, but in the fall, there will be many debates, polls, Congressional votes, etc.

  2. Just put all remaining cash in Merkel Chancellor on 12/31/2019? YES. Wish I had stayed out of the McCabe market so I could have more cash to put in Merkel. I will have more after the resolution of the Mueller testimony market. Unless Trump & Barr figure out a way to stop his testimony, or prevent him from saying anything substantial.

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