ZOLTAR SPEAKS: The Citizenship Question Will be on the Census, Pt 1 of 2

Since I last opened my bag of gold to share with you the riches of my political predictions (22-0), there have been great storms and floods in the Washington, D.C. area. Unfortunately, as my prophecies have foretold, the masses have panic sold YES shares for the Census Market down into the abyss of a current price of approximately 10 cents based on their mistaken decision to trust their own thoughts and observations over the divine word of Zoltar. Their foolishness was predictable: a Supreme Court decision and two false prophets, iSavage and Rainbow Jeremy, have given NO-holding heretics false hope that the money is on their side. It is not. Therefore, as I promised in my last post, I am now returning to clean up the mess and squalor that has become this market and provide further explanation as to why the alpha play is to buy even more cheap Yes shares now. This is the first of two posts I will provide you to show that YES will bring you riches.

census market

True, many insolent fools have followed the false prophets and panic-sold the price of the winning YES shares down to as low as 3 cents. Those of you who are Immortals of Alpha bought YES shares alongside me at the bottom, placing your trust in Zoltar and taking comfort in the knowledge that my insight awakens the Rules Cuck Panther and, once again, she will bend to the sheer force of my will as your investments increased in up to 6x in value.

Today, I shall provide you with the first of two posts that each will explain why YES shares in this market are still the winning hand.  A week from now, you shall have your second post containing even more reasons why YES shares will win in this market. For now, stay quiet, loyal disciples, and follow me closely as we peek behind the curtain to witness that which only Zoltar could see during the last month, and let us also gaze upon the Rule Cuck Panther in her natural habitat, as this majestic beast takes down what will become her next kill.

We begin with the rules:

census rules

I shall now answer four questions about these rules that will show you the path to alpha. But before I begin, I must teach you the meaning of an important word: “form.”

  • Please review the definitions of “form” provided a heralded mainstream source below –

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 9.55.05 AM

  • Now look at page 1 of the 2019 Census Test (a test that is currently being distributed throughout the US by the Census Bureau in order to improve the 2020 Census2019-Census-Test-NSC-021319(2)
  • A close up of the bottom of page 1 of the 2019 Citizenship Test is shown below –

census form

Question 1 – Is the 2019 Citizenship Test a “form”? Yes or No

  • As we touched upon briefly above, the 2019 Census Test was created, distributed and used for the sole purpose of improving the 2020 Census Test (i.e. there is no 2019 Census for the test to also help impove).  Put simply, if the 2020 Census did not exist, there would be no 2019 Census Test.
  • Many of the PredictIt rubes have already begun attacking an argument that no one is making – that the Census Test is part of the 2020 Census.  It clearly is not.  However, as worded, the application of the Census Market Rules is not limited to only those forms that were used to conduct the 2020 Census.  For the Rules to impose such a limitation, language similar or identical to the following phrases would need to have been included:
    • “the form” that it intends to distribute for the 2020 Census
    • form(s) that it intends to distribute “as part of the 2020 Census”
    • form(s) that it intends to distribute “to conduct the 2020 Census”
    • form(s) that it intends to distribute “to perform the 2020 Census”
    • form(s) that it intends to distribute “during the 2020 Census”
    • form(s) that it intends to distribute “and use in the 2020 Census”
  • However, the actual wording of the Census Market Rules – “forms distributed for the 2020 Census” – is much more expansive than the phrases listed above.  As such, it applies to both forms that are used to conduct the 2020 Census as well as other forms that are used for the purpose of benefiting the 2020 Census.  For example, forms distributed throughout the U.S. seeking to recruit individuals to canvas neighborhoods and perform population counts for the 2020 Census can be accurately described as “forms” that were “distributed for the 2020 Census” even though those forms are not actually a part of the final 2020 Census.  Likewise, it would be entirely accurate to state that the 2019 Census Test was distributed for the 2020 Census. That is the only reason it exists. 
  • This expansive interpretation of the “forms distributed for the 2020 Census” language in the Census Market Rules is further supported by numerous examples where the Census Bureau and Department of Commerce referenced “testing for the 2020 Census” and/or “tests for the 2020 Census” that have taken place.

  • Finally, observe the numerous warnings contained throughout the 2019 Census Test materials alerting the recipients to the fact that they will violate the law if they fail to provide responses to the 2019 Census Test. Significantly, the specific statutes cited by the Census Bureau provide the legal authority and obligations for the manner in which the biennial censuses (such as the 2020 Census) are conducted. Therefore, by citing these laws in the 2019 Census Test materials, the Census Bureau is confirming that the 2019 Census Test is “for the 2020 Census.”

Question 2- Was the 2019 Census Test created, distributed, and used “for the 2020 Census”?   Yes or No

  • Now gaze upon the following Press Release from the Census Bureau which directly confirms that the 2019 Census Test will provide a Citizenship Question to half of the recipients taking the test.

  • and observe the 8th question contained in the 2019 Census Test.-

Question 3- Does the 2019 Census Test include a citizenship question?   Yes or No

  • Now for the last question, consider this Key Activities Update from the Census Bureau which provides that the 2019 Citizenship Test has been printed.

  • Finally, consider the Press Release below, issued by the Census Bureau on June 11, 2019 (five days after the Census Market opened) which confirms that that distribution of the 2019 Census Test will begin during the week of June 11, 2019.

Question 4- Has the Census Bureau issued a public statement confirming that the 2019 Census Test has been printed and will be distributed?

If you answered Yes to each of the 4 questions listed above, Congrats! You have just confirmed that (1) “forms” (2) “for the 2020 Census” (3) that “include at least one question inquiring about the respondent’s U.S. Citizenship” (4) have been printed and will be distributed (5) pursuant to public statements given by the Census Bureau. That my dear disciples…is enough to awaken the Rules Cuck Panther and award the win to the holders of Yes shares, as was foretold to you in my past blog writings.

This is precisely as I advised while the YES share fell to 5 cents. As stated then, and as stated, now, the alpha play is to buy even more Yes shares.

And as is the case with all Rules Cuck Panther sitings, the players left holding NO shares that they thought would bring them free money will spend the next week rationalizing their losing position in ways that reek of desperation. They will make terrible arguments for NO winning but will fool no one other than themselves. It will only get worse when I drop my second post next week. I invite any of you to direct message me on Twitter at @TruthBomber_ with questions or arguments as to why this market should not resolve in favor of YES and I promise to respond to each of you. And as you see NO buyers’ desperate attempt to regain their lost footholds on this market, ask yourself, who among them is 22-0?

A special request from Zoltar

And finally, a recent matter has come to my attention that I must now address. If any of you were to perform a cursory review of the PredictIt message boards in this Census Market, you will see, first hand, the manner in which a particular member of the PredictIt community has, regretfully, chosen the path of the darkside only to now bow at the feet of the false pump and dump gods.  Of course, the foul beast of a man to which I am referring is the one that goes by the name….”iSavage.”

As shown below, throughout the course of this market, iSavage has ignored my prophecies and encouraged the ignorant masses to follow him straight into what will soon be a Rule Cuck Panther bloodbath.

Even worse, iSavage has attempted use the forums of Twitter PredictIt message boards to turn the public against me by repeatedly be-smirching my good name while openly mocking my divine prophecies.  Observe-


This insolence displeases Zoltar.  Therefore, it has now become necessary for the behavior of iSavage to be corrected.

During my 22-0 steak I showered fortunes upon you and asked for nothing in return other than your trust. However, today I am, for the first time, asking for your help. Namely, if you are to sell your Yes shares early for a respectable profit before this market closes, or if you drop your ostrich egg sized balls and will hold onto your Yes shares until this market resolves in your favor and slaps your face with fistfulls of stinky Zoltar cash…please, then, take a moment to (1) donate a small portion of your profits to the most obnoxious Republican (non-racist) cause you can find, (2) make said donation in the name of “iSavage”, and (3) post a screenshot of your donation on the PredictIt message board for this market and/or iSavage’s Twitter account along with a heartfelt message thanking him for his money and affirming your trust in Zoltar.

For your convenience, I have provided some sample organizations/causes that you could use for the donations you make in iSavage’s name. However, please don’t be limited to this list, get creative and find your own obnoxious GOP cause, organization and/or fundraiser and let the world know that iSavage helped make it happen.

In fact, whoever makes a donation on behalf of iSavage to the most obnoxious (non-racist) GOP cause and screenshots it on PredictIt and/or iSavage’s Twitter account on or before August 5, 2019 will win first access to Zoltar’s next post a full day before it is dropped publicly on StarSpangledGamblers.com. They will also receiver their very own Zoltar doll (shown below) to inspire and give meaning to your life.

Until then, my dear disciples, Zoltar is placing his trust in you.

PS – this is post is part 1 of a 2 part series explaining why YES shares will win on this market. Part 2 will be posted early next week.  Many have asked how confident I am in the second post…you may want to ask yourself – would Zoltar start with his best post or save his best post for last? Would Zoltar slowly develop a full tilt boogie max out on this market at an average of 8 cents a shares, if he did not see something beautiful in the horizon?

ZOLTAR (22-0).


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