Dear Animals,

Usually when I have to take my foot off of the gas pedal it is because I dropped a churro in my lap or I am reaching to turn up the radio due to the fact that they are playing deep cuts by Whitesnake. This time I am letting-up for a minute to give you some very important information: Star Spangled Gamblers is canceled. Forever.

Just kidding. We are here to crush and aren’t going anywhere. There are now about 4,000 of you reading this blog and even though I am from Kentucky, that still leaves room for at least 300-400 readers who i am not related to. So I am taking this as a sign that we are on to something by using this platform to share information that we can collectively use to crush the gambling books on PredictIt. Yes, I am 100 percent a genius but the secret to this blog is the tips I get from you — “Hey Keendawg, have you heard about this?” etc. — which add-up massively thanks to the fact that there are a lot of you sliding into my DMs with helpful info, even when it is just a suggestion or an incomplete thought. Since I hear from lots of traders, your incomplete thoughts add-up over time, just like the needle drugs added up a lot over time to Nick Nolte’s face.

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I am always happy to hear from you guys and encourage you to reach out. I will respond as long as it is not just commentary about the size of Zoltar’s balls, which I actually got a lot of this past week.

Secondly, as much as I love to hear you say that you love what we are doing here, my ask is this: don’t tell me you love my blog. Tell your friends. If every one of you 4,000 monsters tells one person to read SSG, we can instantly build something that has at least three times as many readers as the The Daily Beast. So if I have made you any money this past year, pay it forward by sharing Star Spangled Gambler with someone who you think would get a woody from it. We are right on the edge of being able to sell a few ads, which would go a long way towards paying for the Mountain Dew, Adderrall, and web hosting services that we need to stay on air.

Lastly, I usually try to keep my personal life out of gambling but I have been ripping so many Addies to stay awake writing this blog that I will need to buy a new set of kidneys by the the time Super Tuesday comes around. My apartment basically looks like the killer’s in Se7en. And I am pretty sure that the only reason why my cousin Jake hasn’t fired me from work is due to the fact that I am so zoned-out that he just assumes i am addicted to OxyContin. I need your help to keep this going. Here’s how you can do it:

Tell your friends about Star Spangled Gamblers. I don’t know if you noticed but we cover big news stories that everyone knows about and not just dumb tweet markets. I guarantee you your friends will like us as long as they aren’t boneheads.

DM me your ideas for trades. Many of you already do this. A select few even send me research. There is way too much going on for me to keep track of by myself and you can help me by opening up the information pipeline. I’ll sort through what’s hot and what’s not and we can chat. PS, will one of you who knows about the UK please hit me up?

Sign-up for Patreon: SSG costs a lot of money to maintain. I also have to pay some very nasty leaches to host the website ($36/month), podcast ($16/month), and mailing list ($15/month). If you can sponsor one of these for a month then I will give a homeless person a sandwich on my way to work and give you credit for it.

We have been cranking out content all summer and it’s been terrific. The alpha is pouring down everywhere and it is extremely rare that when I check our stats, we aren’t having yet another record week. Help us keep a good thing going by sharing your expertise, contacts, and if you can, a few bucks on Patreon. I am going to crush up some Addies and go searching for alpha. It would be the honor of a lifetime if you would come with me.




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