Dem Debate: Mayor Pete, Show Me the Path to Alpha

I have some serious shakes about tonight’s debate and it is not just because I ripped a week’s worth of Addies last night to prep for it. I know that I always say that I think facts are for losers but the facts are that the easy money is gone from PI’s debate markets. This is because the Miami round got people woke to who is actually good (Kamala, Biden, Warren, Mayor Pete) and who stinks (basically everyone else). I told you earlier today that I am thinking that no one is sneaking into the 5% range but I am also opening another position that is basically the opposite.

mayor pete debate 2

I just picked up a few hundred shares of Mayor Pete winning the Dem nomination at 12 cents. I honestly just think this guy is a truck. Libs like Beto O’Rourke are going to try and put up road blocks in front of him like “why do the cops in South Bend shoot black people” and “is it weird that you are gay and a practicing Christian” and he is just going to blow through them like the T-1000 blew through the LA river gates when he almost merced John Connor in the cinematic triumph known as, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

I have no idea whether or not Democratic Primary voters want Mayor Pete but he is going to have a halo over his head for at least 5 minutes when he answers one of these divisive questions with something thoughtful. I just think that people out there in America are going to be 100 percent shocked when he answers a tough question in a way that doesn’t alienate everyone in the USA who has never had matcha tea and thinks that it is lunatic move to spend $100 on sushi due to the fact that the whole point of a restaurant is to cook your food for you. I bet I can cash out of this position at around 15 cents and show some gains, which would be awesome. This is because my July bets are just getting mauled by the dog days of summer and I need to catch a win. Honestly, if this one doesn’t go my way then I am going to start hanging out at playgrounds and challenging kids to arm wrestling matches just so that I can win. Let’s hope that Mayor Pete can find the endzone tonight so that it doesn’t come to that.

mayor pete running qb


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