Here is How to Score Big on a Presidential Nomination

The downside of having the Internet’s #1 blog* is that sometimes it puts me in an awkward situation. One of these situations happened on Friday, when I got absolutely soaked in alpha thanks to President Trump’s choice to pull out of Rep. John Ratfliffe’s (R-TX) nomination to be the Director of National Intelligence. This was a classic move by Trump because one of his favorite activities is to pull out of things, like U.N. Climate Change agreements and Stormy Daniels. I wrote about his choice to dump Rep. Ratcliffe here:

This has made me extremely depressed because I did not get the chance to share my genius with you. That said, I think that for those of you who are interested in learning (I personally am not a big fan of learning), I will share how I knew that this nomination was dead. I actually got the idea from Pratik Chougule, who is a friend of the blog and author of How to Make Money from Political Predictions. I will let the facts speak for themselves. Some redactions are included because not everyone is ready for the fame and stardom of being on Star Spangled Gamblers.


My logic here was based on facts. In this case, the fact that Capitol Hill is a lot like your doctor’s office. It is true that the doctors and nurses are friendly with each other at work but in no way does that mean that surgeons actually think nurses are their equals. You truly have to be a superhero to get that kind of respect. The same thing happens in Congress, where Senators basically think that 99 percent of Congressmen are just local yokel doofuses who couldn’t get on their level if they tried. You really have to be a star in the House to earn a guy like Mitch McConnell’s respect, which Rep. John Ratcliffe didn’t have and never would. This is obvious because of his completely bogus committee assignments, which tell me that no one in the House respects him. Tbh, I would rather be the longsnapper for a Canadian football team than a Congressman on the Homeland Security and Intel Committees– that’s how bush league Ratcliffe’s resume is. So there was basically no chance that Senate hardos like Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein were going to put this guy in charge of anything.

But I guess I am not perfect because Donald Trump killed Ratcliffe’s nomination before the Senate ever even got a chance.

FYI, I am still 100-percent confident that the Senate would have rejected Ratcliffe too. Which gets us back to where we started:


Anyone got some ideas? DM or contact me.


*Not fake news

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4 thoughts on “Here is How to Score Big on a Presidential Nomination

    1. I think that an A+ salesman like you should pick up the phone and make that call. PS, thanks for reading. Tell all your friends.

  1. Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Judiciary all sound like pretty important committees to me. But not as important as their Senate counterparts because they have no influence over Presidential appointments.

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