NEWSLETTER: Future Leaders Will Look to 2020’s Political Indie Rock Phenoms (And Failures) for the Next Great Sound

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There is a good chance that some of you who are reading this are either married or have occasionally gotten laid and slammed beers. This newsletter is absolutely for you due to the fact that I am a total savage who has done none of these things since the last election because I basically just exist to tell you what matters in politics, including stuff that doesn’t seem like it matters at all. However, I think that all the loony stuff is actually the best predictor of the future. And politics today are absolutely full of lunatics who are doing things that no one even thought was possible until approximately 2016. I am thinking specifically about Andrew Yang, who is autographing a bong in this photo:

yang bong

Imagine John Kerry pulling that move in 2004.

Then there was Donald Trump canceling a state visit to Denmark because its government dissed him for trying to buy Greenland so that he could flip it like a hotel.

Imagine what it is going to be like when other people in the USA start asking if we should buy Canada or perhaps let a place like San Francisco de-list itself from the USA’s political exchange.

And then there was the Business Roundtable’s decision to reverse decades of policy and declare that corporate America officially cares about workers and communities and wants to treat them like more than just human strip mines that can be exploited for shareholder profit.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 4.33.16 PM

This actually makes me think that rich people are worrying that a peasant riot is coming if they don’ start hooking it up for the small guy.

You might not care about Andrew Yang’s bong. You might think that this Greenland thing is just another lousy bit by Trump. You might not even know what the Business Round Table is. But I personally think that all this madness coming from outside the political establishment in 2019 is a lot like the Indie Rock scene coming out of Brooklyn in 2003. Sure, almost everyone who is taking part is a loser, but the next generation of political superstars will be ripping-off their sound and incorporating it into a mass market format, just like how Ronald Reagan jacked Barry Goldwater’s game and Alex Ocasio Cortez basically stole Chairman Mao’s.

There is no market to predict these trends but here is what I have to say about the political indie rock scene:

— Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income will become a plank of the Republican Party within 10 years. They will definitely trade the federal bureaucracy for direct payments to Welfare Kings in Ohio.

— People will have actual conversations about buying Greenland now that a U.S. President has brought it up. There will also be more yapping about the opposite: independence movements in the USA and Western Europe.

— Businesses are realizing that they are as powerful as governments now and are setting policies to stabilize communities due to the fact that even though they can replace their workers with robots, they cannot replace their customers with them (yet).

I am absolutely horrified for this future but am pysched to just mine raw alpha for you as we correctly anticipate the road ahead.

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