The Boys Are Back: Zoltar Says McCabe is Going to the Slammer, Ravi Says NO

Recently, someone from the Fake News Media (FNM) asked me what my favorite part of being a genius whose blog has more gold in it than Fort Knox was. I told him that all of the free money on PredictIt was actually the second best thing, due to the fact that I am constantly meeting readers like you who have A+ ideas and insights into political predictions. One of those people who I have never met in real life, but who is technically my best friend since I talk to him every day, is Zoltar. Our OG fans know that Zoltar went on an absolutely savage 22-0 streak from 2018 until this summer, when he got atom bombed in the U.S. Census market. His prediction that the Census would have a question about “citizenship” went over worse for his bank account than this burst of machine gun fire did for Willem Dafoe in the classic feature film Platoon.

platoon GIF

Anyway, after some self-imposed exile from planet PredictIt, Zoltar re-emerged to hit me with some truth about why he thinks that FBI Mad Dog Andrew McCabe will be indicted by the end of the year for being extremely mean to Donald Trump. Here is the market as it stands:

mccabe market

Listen to his take here:

However, those of you who are not morons probably realize that this market is currently priced at approximately 50/50. So clearly there is another take out there about why McCabe isn’t going to the pokey.

For the NO side of this argument, I will give the mic to another SSG VIP,  Ravi, who has been piping me with his take over the past few weeks. By the way, if you want to be a VIP, all you have to do is email me through our contact page or tweet at me. I am a nice guy and I will have a ham sandwich with you and talk shop. Anyway, this is what Ravi had to say about why McCabe will not be indicted in 2019: 

I don’t think he’s “getting off,” I think he either did nothing wrong or what he did wrong was so trivial that it is virtually never prosecuted…even if the prosecutor seeks an indictment, he will have to convince a DC federal grand jury to indict (probably not that difficult since it does not have to be a unanimous opinion, only a majority).  But there is no precedent for prosecuting such a trivial crime as being “not candid” in the course of being interviewed about what he knew or leaked while employed at the FBI.  It’s not the same as perjury.  The prosecutor (U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia) has an ethical obligation to not seek an indictment if he thinks a conviction at trial is unlikely.  If this sounds unconvincing to you, OK!  We will just wait and see…

A week later, he sent me this:

ravi mccabe

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9 thoughts

  1. So, Zoltar (if that is, in fact, your real name), you think I’m a dumb-ass! Maybe he lied to investigators from the DOJ office of inspector general. That was, what, 2 years ago? I think 2 years is long enough to get an indictment from a federal Grand Jury. By all accounts, the first Grand Jury didn’t return an indictment before their term expired, and even after the supervising judge extended their term so the U.S. Attorney could bring them back, they still didn’t indict. A Grand Jury returning No True Bill happens about 1 time in 10,000 cases; it is considered one of the most humiliating things that can happen to a federal prosecutor and it sounds like that may be exactly what happened! You didn’t even get the name of the U.S. Attorney (Jessie Liu) right, dumb-ass! 😉


    Jessie, like every other U.S. Attorney, is a Trump appointee. There are no Obama appointees among current U.S. Attorneys. She served in a variety of roles during the George W. Bush administration, some of them presidential appointments. During the entire Obama administration, she worked in private practice.

    By all accounts, the Grand Jury’s work has concluded with no plans to reconvene…or the U.S. Attorney could theoretically reconvene them, but they have already been given a chance to issue an indictment and said, “Nah.”

    1. When was the last time someone was prosecuted for lying in a DOJ Office of Inspector General investigation? Google it.
      And even if McCabe lied, why would it take over 2 years to indict him? Eventually you are going to eat your words, dumbass. Just like you had to after you continued to insist there would be a “citizenship question” long after the Census Bureau confirmed there wouldn’t be. It’s too bad I didn’t wait until NO was down to .24 but I was already maxed on NO at an average price of .72.

  3. You noticed that I spelled Jessie Liu’s name “Lui”. Therefore, your prediction must be correct….oh wait.

  4. In your own words- “Grand Jury returning No True Bill happens about 1 time in 10,000 cases“. Yet that is what you are betting on? Makes complete sense if you don’t think about it. Why don’t you get yourself a SSG winning streak of 1 before you besmirch my 22-1* record. Thanks in advance.

    1. Just for kicks, I just looked up my PredictIt records, and my all-time PredictIt record is 27-3, and 2 out of the 3 losses were due to Rick Scott not taking his oath of office on the first day of the new Congress with all the other newly elected senators. (53 GOP Senators vs. 52 GOP Senators.)

      When was the last time someone was prosecuted for lying in a DOJ Office of Inspector General investigation?
      And even if McCabe lied, why would it take over 2 years to indict him?

      1. Roger Stone and General Flynn both indicted for lying during federal investigations. Stone got charged for lies to Congress and Flynn got pinched for lies to FBI. Why would it take 2 years? Bc genius McCabe lies are being investigated in larger context of rampant FBI misconduct during investigation of Trump. IG report is dropping in next few weeks which will shed more light on fbi shenanigans. Meanwhile Barr and Durham now in middle of European tour that is part of this massive investigation that includes McCabe.

        Your analysis is the work of a dumb dumb. When the news drops regarding McCabe indictment, please take a moment from your stunned rage to think about Zoltar laughing at you.

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