FBI Mad Dog McCabe Indictment: The Boys Are Really Getting After It

I have been very clear that I do not know anything at all about the criminal justice system, except that if you slam too many beers and steal some tourist’s burrito right off the table at the Chipotle in El Segundo, California, then you are liable to get locked up. This is exactly what happened to me after I got after it a little too hard at the 2017 Women’s AVP Championship. However, ever since then I have considered myself a true feminist due to the fact that I am the only person I have ever even heard of who got nailed for partying too hard at a women’s sporting event.

Since I don’t know anything about criminal justice, I posted some takes on FBI Mad Dog Andrew McCabe’s legal problems last week that were from friends of the blog Zoltar and Ravi. As you probably remember, FBI Mad Dog McCabe is up to his eyeballs in legal problems because he was extremely mean to Donald Trump during the 2016 election and possibly had the FBI spy on him. But whatever is happening in his lawsuit has outsiders baffled. There is lots of evidence that McCabe is about to get nuked by the law. There is also lots of evidence that the entire investigation is only happening for political reasons. That is why the gambling market on its outcome is sitting at 50/50.

mccabe market

Because of this uncertainty, the boys are really getting after it and debating the heck out of this marketplace. To add to that, a guy who calls himself “Well of Discord” sent me his take over Twitter and I am digging it and adding it here. BTW, if you want to send your take on anything and have me run it, DM or Tweet at me.  Here is what this bro has to say about Andrew McCabe’s possible indictment:

UPDATE: Discord speaks.

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“It’s me, I’m the guy. If I had known I’d be on SSG I would have given a more in-depth explanation. So here goes:

This is a massively partisan case, so you should probably just ignore any partisan sources and stick to the basic facts. What we know is that the McCabe grand jury returned after months of absence on September 12th, did *something,* and adjourned. While the DoJ was leaky before, they’ve been tight-lipped ever since.

It’s reasonable to assume that the grand jury either returned a sealed indictment or no true bill. Someone else can make the case for a sealed indictment.

‘But wait,’ I hear you say, ‘in 2010, only 11 no true bills were returned out of 47,000 cases! Are you telling me that McCabe is less indictable than a ham sandwich?’ Well, the short version is that a lot of cases are simply dropped, usually when the prosecutor doesn’t think he or she will be able to win. And prosecutors are pretty good at assessing cases. So if they think they can get a jury to unanimously agree that the suspect is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, with an opposing lawyer throwing shade, they’d better be able to get half a jury to agree that a crime was probably committed.

There are a couple of classes where no true bills are remarkably common–famous people and police shootings. Can you imagine Darren Wilson NOT being charged with shooting Mike Brown? The riots would have been nationwide! That said, it’s also incredibly hard to convict a cop, so grand juries pretty often return no true bill in these scenarios.

I’d say there’s similar political pressure to indict McCabe. Trump wants to see him punished, and Barr likes his job. Most commentators think the case is weak–one of the key witnesses turned out to support McCabe, and two prosecutors resigned rather than work the case. Oh, and it’s in Washington DC, where a whopping 4.1% of the population voted for Trump.”

Do you agree? Do you disagree? That part of about the D.C. jury pool is just fire. However, this market is completely outside of my brain power, which is usually pretty low on Saturday and Sunday mornings (right now). Have fun, boyz.


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1 thought on “FBI Mad Dog McCabe Indictment: The Boys Are Really Getting After It

  1. I agree wth Well of Discord! I think he knows more than I do about the legal system, which is mainly from watching Law & Order and other TV shows! There is zero precedent for being charged for having a “lack of candor” or for lying to investigators from the DOJ Office of the Inspector General. And if McCabe did lie to them, it was 2 1/2 years ago! If I had known I could get NO for .24 in September, I would have waited to buy it. I was already maxed NO with an average purchase price of .72.

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