Today I was watching the Fake News Media (FNM) and I learned that Nancy Pelosi is officially opening an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. This is due to the fact that Trump talked to the Ukrainian government about investigating whether or not Joe Biden and his son made shady business deals there.

Lots of people have gotten their panties twisted-up about this but I am here to tell you to cool your jets. It is way too soon to declare that the partisan apocalypse is here. I am honestly embarrassed for all the people who have already gone to their partisan bomb shelters and who are binge-watching episodes of The Apprentice (Republicans) and RuPaul Personal Shopper (Democrats) while they wait for a nuclear bomb to go off in Washington. It is just not happening. This scandal is not going to change anything and there is a zero percent change that the House even votes to impeach Trump in 2019. This is why: 

— Nancy Pelosi thinks that impeaching Donald Trump is a terrible idea. She has basically managed the House Democratic Caucus the way that Ohio State plays football: control the ball, keep the opponent playing defense, and play for field position. The last three years of her work have been to give the eventual Democratic nominee a short field to work with so that she can just hand the ball off to him or her for an easy touchdown. Tbh, it has been working, because Donald Trump is underwater in the polls and Republicans have been playing Red zone defense since 2016.

— The opposite of this game plan would be to get greedy and start throwing impeachment Hail Marys. This is just not a smart game plan because The Godfather aka Mitch McConnell is waiting in the Senate to swat them away. Cocaine Mitch shutdown he O’Bama agenda for six years and I guarantee you he scares the shit out of San Fran Nan.

richard sherman mcconnell

— The last thing Pelosi wants to do is impeach Donald Trump while a majority of the American public opposes it. This would be like throwing him a pick-six interception with Democrats teed-up to walk the ball into the Oval Office end zone next fall.

— If Pelosi decides to impeach Trump, it is going to take time to convince the public that this is a good idea.

— But there are only seven legislative weeks left on the House calendar. That is only seven weeks to hold hearings that Democrats hope will pants Donald Trump and shift public opinion towards supporting impeachment. That is not a lot of time.

— Yes, the Speaker of the House can add legislative weeks but only if she wants to impeach Donald Trump. Which she doesn’t.

— The Democratic Party has been holding an “Impeachment Inquiry” since the day Trump won the election. This is just a continuation of the same thing.

So why did Pelosi make this announcement?

I personally think that this move by her was to keep a grip on her own people. The House Democratic Caucus would 100 percent make her the victim of a woke honor killing if she didn’t respond to the latest Trump scandal. But it is obvious that her plan is just to keep running down the clock on an impeachment vote. Nothing is going to happen on the impeachment front unless they find evidence that Donald Trump personally jerked-off the Ukrainian premiere, or something like that. The most likely outcome is something similar to Mueller report, where years of investigations yields nothing conclusive and partisans people decide that the truth agrees with their partisan view.

Nothing is happening here.


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