EMERGENCY INVESTORS CALL: Trump is Getting Impeached.

This Ukraine transcript is going to go off like an atom bomb.

I honestly think that Rep. Jerry Nadler is going to be blinded by the gamma rays. As I have said before, Nancy Pelosi is an ice cold winner and does not joke around with words. When she sets a red line, she absolutely pipes you if you cross it. That’s why I am sitting up straight when I hear her say stuff like Trump “betrayed” the country.

I personally think that Trump is now going to get impeached, the only question is when. Pelosi needs to time this atom bomb blast so that it’s radioactive fallout doesn’t blow back in her face and ideally just puts the big sleep on Republicans in purple states. Yes this means I majorly low balled what would be in Trump’s Ukraine transcript. It is not just another fake news nothingburger for partisan eye rolling.

Check back later for smoking hot takes on when this is going down and how.


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