Here is Another Way to Make Easy Money Off of Trump’s Impeachment

There are hard ways to make a living and there are easy ways to make a living. A hard way to make a living is to predict whether or not the Democrats will impeach Donald Trump before the end of the year or after it. An easy way to make a living is to predict whether or not Trump will get anything done before that happens (he won’t). Today I want to call your attention to an even easier way to make money, which is this bet on whether or not Rep. Adam Schiff will get booted from his throne on the House Intelligence Committee.

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Are you kidding me? I cannot even imagine a solar system where this is possible. Get a grip. It is 100 percent possible that Rep. Adam Schiff has been right all along and that Trump is basically a worse Russian spy than Boris and Natasha in Rocky & Bullwinkle.

boris and natasha

It is also possible that Rep. Schiff has been stretching the truth and spitting partisan fake news for the last three years, which is what Donald Trump has been saying:

But tbh, Trump and the MAGA Mad Dogs who think that Schiff is a goon who needs to be replaced have it all wrong. That is because Democrats have made an all-in bet on impeaching Trump ever since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi opened a formal impeachment inquiry. That means there is no way they could ever admit that Rep. Adam Schiff, who is basically the general of the Impeach Now Army, has ever done anything wrong in his life. That would be like George W. Bush firing Donald Rumsfeld when he realized that invading Iraq was a serious boner move. Making mistakes that big is the best way to stay in power. In Toon Town aka Washington, D.C., people who are sort of wrong and miss by a little get fired all the time. Just ask Speaker of the House John Boehner, ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, or Pelosi-deposed Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman (and longest serving Member of Congress ever) John Dingell about that. But people who royally stink at their jobs and make generation-defining bad policy decisions have serious job security, because their big bosses in the White House and/or Party Leadership offices can never admit that they completely blew it by endorsing them. Donald Rumsfeld and Eugene McCarthy are experts on that.

So I am not saying that Adam Schiff has been peddling fake news. And I’m not saying that I think that the Democrats won’t be able to impeach Trump. What I am saying is that the Democratic Party has now made such a big bet on impeaching the President, based in large part on Rep. Adam Schiff’s constant jaw-boning, that there is no way they can ever get rid of him. The only way that Rep. Schiff could possibly have more job security would be if he was related to Trump. And if things get too hairy in the next few weeks, I am pretty sure that Tiffany and Baron are still single and ready to mingle. Trump would definitely make that deal because Schiff owns property in Southern California that I am sure he would love to get his hands on.

Boys, this is easy:


This man is not going anywhere, and it is an easy buy-and-hold to take YES on this bet. Thank me on Jan 1.


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