Trump Impeachment: Not Clinton, Not Nixon, It’s O.J.

There are basically two genius ways to understand what is happening right now with Trump’s impeachment. Most of the boneheads in the Fake News Media (FNM) are trying to compare the Trump-Ukraine scandal to Bill Clinton and/or Richard Nixon’s impeachment. But unfortunately for them, there are zero facts to support that. The only thing that Donald Trump has in common with Nixon is extremely bad hair; and the only thing that he has in common with Clinton is that they were both friends with Hilary but banging other women. The real secret to understanding Trump’s impeachment is to understand two other major events in human civilization: the O.J. Simpson Trial, and North Korea’s psycho state. Grasping these stone cold truths will lead to easy money by betting on PredictIt.

Why Trump’s Impeachment is the O.J. Simpson Trial of Politics.

trump gloves oj

According to the prosecution, O.J. was on trial for a double homicide. But according to the jury and lots of people who weren’t white, O.J. was on trial for being a rich, popular, black man in a white man’s world. Juice’s trial was a product of its time, which was when the cops were blowing down more doors in poor black neighborhoods than in Fallujah. This was due to the fact that statistically speaking, violent crime in the USA was breaking more records from 1980-1991 than Michael Phelps did from 2008-2012. LET'S DO STOP AND FRISK

Tons of civilians got caught in the crossfire, literally, and lots of black people were getting sent to jail for years over really stupid things.

In O.J.’s hometown of LA, the city was transitioning from being one of the most conservative places in America — the home of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan — to today’s woke caliphate, which is basically one Kylie Jenner tweet away from requiring everyone who has ever used a plastic straw or had a white male ancestor to walk around in a rainbow colored burkha. This meant that psycho police tactics like “red lining” black neighborhoods were still a thing, even though the city was going through the “demographic transition” that all the boneheads in the Fake News Media have been talking about lately for the whole USA.

Donald Trump is basically O.J. Simpson and so are the politics of his impeachment. If you are a middle class or working class white man, then there is a 99 percent chance that you think that Trump is on trial for also being a white male who is not woke, just like you. You are also probably extremely tired of the PC Cops using brutal tactics in your neighborhood by cracking-down on you for going to church and/or working in a job that is in a non-woke field, such as mining, manufacturing, or construction. You have probably seen the PC Cops arrest heroes that remind you of yourself, like Tim Tebow, Mel Gibson, and Chick-fil-A. You are also probably sick and tired of the PC Cops red lining around high-wage jobs in tech, finance, and media to keep people like you out who have not gone to a Woke Re-Education camp, such as Yale, or who have not tweeted at least 5-7 times that Serena Williams is a way better tennis player than Roger Federer.

If you are a working class or middle class white male, then Donald Trump is probably your O.J. Simpson: someone who was arrested for being too much like you. This means you are going to be pretty fired-up if anyone tries to impeach him, regardless of the facts. This is why these voters won’t budge, ever, and why they have a death-grip on Republicans legislators.

Why Donald Trump’s Impeachment is a Kim Jung Un Move

One of the things that I am constantly hearing people say about Donald Trump is that he is way cooler with dictators like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin than he is with our allies, such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. There are many reasons for why Trump and Trudeau are not boys that I will not get into, but one of them is that Donald Trump doesn’t drink beers and Justin Trudeau 100 percent loves to party.

trudeau woke

But now there is actual evidence that Trump has a lot in common with dictators. That is because with impeachment hanging over his head, Trump is in the same position with his enemies as North Korea is with the USA. This is due to the fact that according to the RealClearPolitics, there are now 223 Democrats in the House who are supporting his impeachment, which is more than enough to get it done. The rules of the House of Representatives are longer and more boring than a Lord of the Rings sequel so I will basically just summarize them here: no matter what, the Majority party gets whatever it wants. That means that the Democrats are going to impeach Donald Trump.

It also means that Trump is a political Kim Jung Un. This is due to the fact that both North Korea and Donald Trump could get nuked off the map by their enemies at any time. Donald Trump basically has a nuclear battlegroup of woke Democrats parked on the White House South Lawn that is loaded with impeachment warheads.

pelosi sub

This means he only has two moves left, which are exactly the same as Kim’s: step down, or build up a defense that is so savage that it scares Nancy Pelosi out of attacking. Obviously the second one is not going to happen, but Trump’s MAGA Mad Dog lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani (who apparently is not dead), are going to try. They will start shooting legal missiles to stop Democrats from getting info that can hurt Trump, and they will dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden that will draw some blood. Trump already detonated one Ukrainian bomb on social media:

Image result for trump look at this photograph

Who knows what type of sicko weapons of political mass destruction has waiting as this escalates. But I 100 percent know that they won’t deter an attack on the White House fortress. People like Congressional JV Team Captain Eric Swalwell will suicide bomb Trump if they have to.

Trump is 100 percent getting impeached, the only question is when.

So how am I using this information to make money by betting on PredictIt?

Since I am a genius and I know that Donald Trump will be impeached but not convicted, I am taking the shorter odds and betting heavily that he will be impeached IN HIS FIRST TERM.

trump impeach first term

I am making my buys as close to 70 cents as possible.

Since I do not actually know when this vote will happen, I am using this market to flip shares for quick gains, since it is so volatile and liquid:

trump impeach 2019 volume

Just look at these candles.

impeach bounce

If you time your buys right, you can get in around 49 cents and make a power move a few days later when you unload them for 52-57 cents. That said, I am holding some bags right now while I wait for this market to recover back into the 50s, so it is possible that the horse has left the barn on quick arbitrage. IDK, you tell me.


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