It is a Great Time Not to Be a Psycho

crazy time

Ever since this whole impeachment thing started, civilization has pretty much broken down. I personally thought we hit rock bottom in 2017 when the world divided itself into MAGA hats and vagina hats, but there is a whole new level of pyscho out there. If you look at what people are betting their own money on, then conspiracy theories are hot AF. But idk, maybe I am the idiot.

Check out how the spreads on these markets have gotten wider in the last week:

Clinton runschiff basicmichelle run

I guess people think that Hilary is going to run for president due to the fact that she was on The View. But Abby Huntsman’s baby was on that show twice and I do not hear anyone talking about it getting into the 2020 race, despite the fact that it is probably just as qualified as Marianne Williamson.

As for Rep. Schiff, I guess people think that Donald Trump is going to lock him up. I personally think that the only way he isn’t still the Intel Committee Chairman in January is if he stands too close to a gas pump while lighting a cigarette, or if he turns out to be a hologram built by Tom Steyer.

And it would not be a psycho spending spree without people parking some money on Michelle Obama getting into the race. Once again, zero percent chance that is happening. After eight years in the White House, I am sure that she needs a break from the public eye more than I need a break from shitty Star Wars sequels.

The big lesson is what most of you smart people already know, which is that we are in a very chaotic moment. People who take life more seriously than I do will tell you that this is dangerous and can lead to violence, and I guess they are probably right. However, it can also lead to profit. I am honestly not sure who the biggest pyschos are: the people who think that Hilary will run for president or the people who think that Trump and Warren have it in the bag. My bones are telling me that there are some more shockers coming between now and November. That is basically what all these maniacs are betting on by taking the losing sides of these trades. God bless them. Now I am going to go fill my bag with gold.


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