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Monsters, ever since the 2018 election I have had to withdraw from human contact for two reasons:

(1) To write this blog, which is easily the best website on the internet, but is very time consuming to research, publish, and promote.

(2) Because I have just had a massive bone from how exciting it has been to meet all of you as the past year has gone by, and I do not want to embarrass myself in public with that type of lumber in my shorts.

I hear from you guys constantly in my DMs so I want to throw up the Bat Signal for a little help. I need your help with a few things:

(1) Podcast. You have probably noticed that SSG keeps trying to have a podcast but is suffering bigly from not having a regular co-host. Are you in LA or DC? Are you cool? Are you funny? Do you have some awesome takes? If yes, DM me and let’s talk. Let’s try a pod together.

(2) Research. Are you doing research but still not sure about a market? Send me your stuff and let’s talk shop. If you’ve got the job half-done, then I would love to try and help you get the other half finished. You just have to be cool with me publishing it on the blog or yapping about it on the pod. Since I am writing and jaw-boning about all this stuff, I could use some help collecting the data to really juice our output.

(3) Social. Follow me on Twitter and throw me the occasional like and re-tweet. We are reaching close to 1000 people per week and a total audience of around 6000. Those numbers need to increase for this site to sustain itself though.

(4) Tell your friends about SSG. We cover all the biggest news stories that they are going to read about in the Fake News Media anyway, so they might as well get their information from us.

(6) Make a financial contribution. We will take money in any format but are setup on Venmo and Patreon.

(7) Introduce yourself. There are a lot of people who we quote regularly on this page: Zoltar, Pratik, Old850, and Ravi, to name a few. I had never even heard of these bros before I started trading and I have only met one of them IRL. We are all friends now because SSG is a brotherhood and the only way to access it is through my DMs and making absolutely savage trades. So don’t be shy, introduce yourself and let’s crank out some alpha.

We are currently in the lobby of an unbuilt skyscraper together. Let’s take SSG, PI, and predictive trading to the moon.


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