Here is Your Rundown of Dem Debate Mention Markets

mention markets

I don’t know about you but mention markets for me are a true gold mine. Since starting this blog, I am undefeated in this category. At this point I am surprised that big shot politicians don’t call me before they talk to find out what they are going to say in the future. Here are the markets available for tonight’s debate in Ohio and what I think.



There is a rule between politicians that they do not drag each other’s family into the mud, especially when they are in the same party. We might hear the words, “Vice President Biden’s family,” or “the Vice President’s son” but there is no chance we hear the word, “Hunter” out of anyone’s mouth but Uncle Joe’s.



fox news

The old black beast of Democratic politics. Why not bet on whether or not we hear, “Koch Brothers,” “Defense Spending,” or “tax cuts for the top 1 percent?” I have not checked on the latter three but “Fox News” has only come up once so far this year and that was when Sen. Kamala Harris was clowning on Donald Trump in Houston. Sen. Amy Klobuchar mentioned “Fox” in Maimi, also to make fun of Trump for being a fake news president.

The only reason why I don’t think this is a slam dunk NO bet is that Rich Guy Tom Steyer is making his first appearance and we really don’t know what to expect from him. So far he has acted like the point of his candidacy is to service every psycho Left wing cause that mainstream Democrats want to keep off of TV. This sort of reminds me of when Rich Guy Donald Trump funded the Birther movement in 2015, so I am taking his quest very seriously and would not be surprised if he just goes ape and brings out every liberal boogie man possible, including Fox News, the Koch Brother (RIP), and tax cuts for the 1 percent.




There are basically going to be two topics for tonight’s debate: impeaching Trump and foreign policy, thanks to the fact that sloppy foreign policy is the reason why Trump is going to get impeached and is also the reason why thousands/millions of Kurds are going to get killed by Turkish troops. It is extremely easy to imagine that one of the rants we are going to hear about Trump’s corruption will say something about “Rudy Giuliani’s associates ARRESTED!!!!” I am actually trying to figure out how you could go on an Elizabeth Warren-style rant about Trump’s without using Rudy’s name. I guess the answer to that is Sen. Warren never gets the chance to run her mouth on this subject. Hmmm.

This market scares the sh*t out of me. Not sure what I am going to do yet.


mandatory buyback

Are you kidding? I learned my lesson last time. Yeah, I filled my bag with gold on this but I am not chancing these gods twice.

Sorry guys, I know that I am being a huge beta with this debate. But I think most of these lines are priced efficiently or over-price that favorite, so they feel like pure gambling to me. Good luck out there.


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