Today is a National Holiday

Remember when I told you that I was shorting Elizabeth Warren massively at 70 cents per NO share? I made an amazing meme to illustrate how I was just gobbling up shorts due to the fact that her shares were priced way higher than her polls.

whale gif final text

I had just come off a heater where I bought her YES shares at 7 cents, post DNA disaster, and sold them at 19 when Sen. Pocahontas tomahawked the competition at the first Dem debate.

Was I over confident? Absolutely. Was I warned? 100 percent. And sure enough, I got napalmed. Sen. Warren caught fire this summer and ran up to a ~60 percent chance of winning the nomination on PredictIt. My portfolio was honestly getting worked-over worse than this guy:

warren keendawg gif.gif

I never thought I would say it, but thank God for the Fake News Media, which has recently turned on Sen. Warren and picked Mayor Pete as their new favorite candidate. Also, thank God for dumb traders who think that the FNM matters. Warren NOs hit 65 cents today and I finally pulled my money out of this marketplace. I have never been happier in my life to lose 7 percent of my bread. This could have gotten really bad.

Image result for lando gif return of the jedi

Yup, you and me both, bro.




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