PODCAST: Three Southern Gubernatorials, Three Winning Predictions

I am about to file a disability claim due to the fact that I have been pounding out so many blogs on next week’s Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi gubernatorial elections that I borderline have arthritis in my fingers. Also there is a chance that my hands are just raw AF because it is the end of the month which is when I usually grind-up some extra lead to put in my truck’s gas tank. You may think I am a psycho for doing this but I live in California and am 100 percent all about getting my money’s worth when it comes to paying the extra taxes they have here for environmental clean-up.

Anyway, I consider myself very lucky. This is because over the course of my last two blogs about these elections, a lot of you have lit me up to tell me I am a moron and provided data and perspective that I did not have when I started my predicting process. This is one of my favorite things about Star Spangled Gamblers. I get to pool all of our collective knowledge to come up with some ace ways to turn our shared genius into gold. The end product of that is this podcast, where I cover all three elections. Btw, it’s also available on the iTunes store. Download it and subscribe.


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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: Three Southern Gubernatorials, Three Winning Predictions

  1. Interesting analysis. I’m actually a fellow Kentuckian who follows this stuff very closely and loves to analyze- Do you still live in Kentucky?

    1. Based? Or biased? What is your take? This project is all about collecting the genius of many men. Also, if there were any women trading on PredictIt, we would welcome their advice too.

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