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Animals, in case you were wondering, I am the greatest mention market trader in the history of PredictIt* and am undefeated in my entire career**.

*possibly fake news     **not fake news

It has basically gotten to the point where Joe Biden and Mayor Pete dial me up before all of these debates and ask me what they are going to say. BTW Uncle Joe, if you are reading this, you can thank me by joining my Patreon group because publishing genius on the reg ain’t cheap. That goes for all of you monsters. It takes a lot of Red Bull and dip to keep this pipeline open.

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Back to the point. PI’s mention market offerings are a little light this time around and I am not sure where I fall yet. They are:

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.14.37 AM

I did a quick text search and here is how these bets would have paid out in the past Dem debates.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTAqM4J6LWBpe1xxvb97GYFh4SFkARRf43uf7dOn9bw-QBCXYCScyfxGb7xu7pCqeTekVMMMCNYjcWe/pubhtml” query=”widget=true&headers=false” /]

I was 100 percent surprised to see that anyone in the Dem field gave a crap about Hong Kong. So I did a little more research and lo and behold, Mayor Pete has just been beating this issue like a drum.

There is also a situation where Joe Biden, who was a foreign policy expert before becoming a borderline dementia patient approximately 2 weeks after announcing his presidential campaign, also dives into this subject. He would say something like, “Freedom is in danger. Russia is meddling in our elections. Chinese troops are in Hong Kong. And Donald Trump is abandoning our allies to back thugs like Putin in the Ukraine. If I’m your nominee, I will beat him. I will beat him like a drum!”

The downside is that Il Duce aka Donald Trump has recently been boning South Korea over the tab for U.S. forces there, so maybe Mayor Pete will shift his talking points. Idk.

I am feeling good about this but need to twiddle my thumbs and think before betting. More to follow.


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