The USMCA Will Not Effing Die

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Every day the Fake News Media reports a new story about USCMA. It is alive. It is dead. Mexico hates it. Canada loves it. Wait, no Mexico loves it again. I have honestly never seen a truck like this in my life. Every time USMCA gets knocked-down, it just gets back up again. The USMCA is honestly harder to kill than Michael Myers in Halloween.

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I have been selling off my NO shares every time this market hits the 80s because I think it has a chance of passing before Christmas. But obviously I still favor NO because I am hoping to cash in a few of my shares at full value if and when USMCA runs out of gas in Congress.

Tbh, the USMCA’s only enemy is time. Most Members of Congress support it. I personally think that Mexico’s objections to the enforcement provisions that Congressional Dems are asking for is enough to kill it for 2019 though. But if Pelosi can work something out by Thursday then this thing has a chance. Keep in mind that she can count on about 99 percent of Congressional Republican to support it so it is totally okay if beaucoup Dems don’t want to vote YES on a bill that is controversial for labor and “gives Trump a win.”

If this week (12/2/19) ends without getting an agreement filed in legislative text (yikes), then USMCA is in third position behind a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government and an impeachment resolution for naughty Pres Trump, both of which need to get done in just two weeks. That’s obviously a lot to expect from Congress, especially when you consider the fact that the CR probably needs to break a filibuster in the Senate. So if USMCA slips into next week without a major breakthrough–

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Then it has probably been killed.

See you in 2020.


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