DEM DEBATE: More Mention Markets

Listen, I gotta earn an honest living so I’m making this post quick. A few things to say about the Dem Debate mention markets in addition to my earlier post:

  1. Obviously PredictIt’s legal team is already on Christmas break because the only bets we got were Xeroxed from prior debates.
  2. I updated my post on “billionaires”. I’ve dropped in two hedges just in case my genius fails me (it won’t).

Lastly, I have been looking at this one:

giuliani mentions

The only way I can imagine any of these pols talking about Rudy Giuliani would be in a throw-away line about impeachment procedure, which is guaranteed to be a topic at some point. In this situation, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren would start carping about how The Godfather aka Mitch McConnell needs to bring in some of Trump’s friends for questioning during the Senate trial. It would sound like…

Joe Biden: “We need to hear from Rudy Giu…Giu… Giuliano.”

Elizabeth Warren: “Where’s Rudy Giuliani? Where’s Mick Mulvaney? You better believe I’ll tell Mitch McConnell — we aren’t voting on a thing until we hear from them.”

But tbh, it seems a little far-fetched. I don’t really know why the Dem candidates would want to talk about impeachment procedure. How does that help to differentiate them from their competitors? Why does Mayor Pete want to waste valuable time explaining how his pro-impeachment stance is actually way better than Elizabeth Warren’s pro-impeachment stance?

Related image

I personally think that at least 99 percent of Americans know that all of the Democratic presidential candidates are highly pro-impeaching Trump.

Lastly, a lot of the time these debates begin with the moderators asking the candidates about the recent news cycle. My guess is that Judy Woodruff will lead off by asking a question about how this group can “unite the country” after yesterday’s “divisive” impeachment vote. So there is a strong chance that when ‘dem Dems cover impeachment, it will be from the unifying angle and not the partisan woke resist porn angle

That means I am thinking ZERO Giuliani mentions.

geiuliani mentions meh

We’ll see.


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