NEWSLETTER: Happy New Year from SSG + Some Announcements for 2020

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Happy New Year from SSG! We are beginning 2020 in the midst of a very strange news cycle and I honestly do not even know how to react. Apparently we have run out of Trump scandals, A-list terrorists to kill with drone strikes, and Kanye West freak-outs all at once. There is really only one big news story to report on right now: that another year has gone by that was full of predictions that the planet was going to end due to the fact that Donald Trump was president — or because the Fake News Media (FNM) is very mean to Donald Trump — and yet we are all fine. America just keeps on trucking. Talk about proving the haters wrong. Uncle Sam is just the biggest alpha I have ever even heard of.

A few last thoughts about 2019: it was a great year for SSG. We got to meet some of the biggest names in the FNM thanks to the enthusiasm that you, our readers, have had for our product. This summer, we met the CEO of Politico and the content team behind Pod Save America. Since then, we’ve become regular contributors to Barstool Sports’s Hard Factor podcast and we are proud to tell you that we’ll be launching a fresh new pod with a top secret (for now) media partner in the next month. Look for a special announcement about that soon.

That gets us to 2020 and what we are fired-up for in the new year. First of all, thanks to the growth you guys have powered with your word-of-mouth support, we have tons of backend work to do on this site. Some of you have been asking about this because you have graciously joined our Patreon group or would like to see more special content for newsletter subscribers. So in the New Year, expect to see:

(1) Mailing list integration. We need to add functionality that lets us separate gambling hardos who want to know every trade ASAP from the people who just like our weekly take on the news.

(2) Added privileges and content for Patreon subscribers.

(3) Website re-design to make SSG even more alpha.

(4) Merch. Merch. Merch.

Believe it or not, all of these things are complicated and time-consuming to build, so please be patient. My skill set is focused on being a political genius who can buy Adderral on the black market without getting arrested, so this backend stuff does not come easily.

And of course, we’ll keep the pipeline open to supply you with the savage insights that get you paid, make you laugh, and steer you clear of the Woke Clickbait and MAGA Porn that puts the “fake” in Fake News Media.

Lastly, we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT below about the rumored POLITICAL GAMBLING AWARDS SHOW that SSG is hosting, so be sure to click on that one.


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