BERNIE: Shreddin’ the Gnar’ in Cali, Bruh!!!


Animals, the other day I was recording a dress rehearsal podcast with our top secret media partner who we will be announcing soon (TSMPWWBAS). This podcast will never see the light of day except for the clip I am sharing here. As many of you know, Bernie Sanders is on a savage Bull Run in the Democratic Primaries and everyone is losing their heads trying to buy into it. 

PredictIt 2020 Dem Nominee 30-Day Chart:

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.52.44 PM

However, those of you who have a watch/calendar know that we are still a month away from the Iowa Caucuses and two months away from Super Tuesday, plus there will be four debates in January and February combined. So lots of action is yet to unfold. The place where all this price action has me the most shook though is in the Golden State, California, where Bernie’s odds of winning are now at 46 percent.


Anyway, I think these California valuations are totally gnarly and I wanted to release this quick 2-minute clip of my podcast with our TSMPWWBAS to tell you how I am just shredding the lines in an absolute California Goldrush.

Keendawg on why Bernie’s price in California is more insane than the cost of a one-bedroom teardown in LA with bullet holes in it:

Take that Silicon Valley millionaires and billionaires.





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