PODCAST: Jason Pipkin Joins to Talk About the Early State Primaries

To be honest, this blog should just be a mailing address for you animals to send Adderrall to because I have not slept in days and most likely will be receiving the majority of my energy through my nose from now until Super Tuesday. The consequences of this are borderline dire because I was so sleep deprived yesterday that I almost bought some Andrew Yang shares in Alabama before trader Nymnyrng reminded me that this would be a bigger waste of cash than Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign.

Anyway, all of that is prelude to the podcast below. I had friend of the blog (FOB) and mack daddy trader Jason Pipkin (@Jipkin) come on to the podcast to spit some takes about the early state primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and California. As usual Jipkin does not disappoint with his insights. Honestly, planet Earth has not had two geniuses of this caliber together since Plato was teaching Aristotle how to invent democracy/gyros. So without further ado, here is our podcast. You can also find it on the iTunes store.


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