PANIC! Vegas Unions Are Endorsing ASAP!!

Here is what I have been waiting for all week:

Tbh, it is extremely hard to imagine a more meaningful endorsement. The NV Culinary Workers are some of the baddest political gangbangers in the country. This endorsement can swing the whole election in Nevada, and considering how volatile the Dem Primary is right now, the whole election along with it.

Earlier this week I wrote:

I actually think this is important due to the fact that health care plans are the thing that unions tends to get their panties twisted-up the most about. Yes, buzzkill for Joe that he didn’t get the Culinary Workers Union endorsement, but this certainly helps and is at least as useful to Joe Biden’s hopes of winning the Nevada Caucuses as a six pack of warm Trulys is to my hopes of smashing at the Long Beach roller derby.


There is so much that can happen in the next few hours. I am buying BIDEN YES, KLOB YES and BERNIE NO in NEVADA like a motherf*cker.

But there is a non-zero chance that the Culinary Workers endorse no one.

There is, however, a zero percent chance they endorse Pete Buttigieg. former Dem Leader Harry Reid is basically the Godfather in Nevada and there is no way he would bone two of his former colleagues — Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden — to endorse some ivy league squirt like Mayor Pete.

If Biden catches this endorsement, Nevada is winnable for him again and South Carolina switches back to a home game. If Klob gets it, her lane gets wider and you know where that goes..

Strap yourselves in boys.


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4 thoughts on “PANIC! Vegas Unions Are Endorsing ASAP!!

  1. Umm, care to follow up on this comment?

    “But there is a non-zero chance that the Culinary Workers endorse no one.”

  2. Ever get tired of being wrong? Look, I’ve read a lot of your stuff on here because it is entertaining but lets keep it real. You don’t believe in Bernie Sanders and it guides every bet you make. I bet hard on Bernie not just because I believe in him but because it’s a similar setup to Trump 2016 in the Republican primary. An anti-establishment outsider who is beloved by the base and hated by the elites. Sound familiar? When looking at politics, I approach it more on a fundamental basis as opposed to a technical one. I invest more than I gamble which is based on several fundamentals:

    1. Bernie will be the nominee or the DNC will rig the votes against him tearing the party apart. I think if the establishment has to choose between the two they will negotiate the terms of surrender rather than tear the party apart.

    2. Mike Bloomberg has the best chance to take the nomination from Bernie in terms of resources across the country compared to the others but the way he tried to buy this election is the opposite of what even moderate Democrats want in the party. Bloomberg creates the perfect messaging for Bernie Sanders against billionaires. Therefore, the only way Bloomberg becomes the nominee is through DNC election rigging.

    3. If Bernie Sanders wins South Carolina you can expect Bernie Sanders to win quicker than he otherwise would and would trigger the old ‘stop Bernie’ push Republicans made in 2016 against Trump with little success

    I think you need to realize that we live in a new era of politics. ‘the party decides’ narrative is done because few people trust the elites. When we restore faith in the elites the party will decide once again but that party is the party of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

    1. Messages like this haunt my political subconscious. You make a lot of good points. I am sticking to my strategy through Super Tuesday and will re-evaluate after then. To me, it is way too early to say that this race is over and I think that the proportional allocation of delegates is going to complicate things in ways we haven’t really contemplated yet. When will Pete, Amy, Liz and/or Joe drop out? If they do it soon enough, Bernie is easy to beat. If they all hang in the race and assume they can come out on top of a brokered convention, then I think your explanation will prevail. Shooting from the hip, someone important on the moderate side probably needs to quit before Super Tuesday to contain Bernie. I will probably re-post and respond on a forthcoming mailbag.

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