I LOVE BERNIE PT 2: Life is Gooood

As I said in my last post I am coming correct about Bernie Sanders. I have had two strokes of genius with him and am staring at possibly three major flops:



  • Flops: bet on him to lose big diverse states like TX and CA.
  • Assume that he would peak in the 60s and miss out on great pumps.

Now is the post that everyone on the planet is dying to read: WHY I LOVE BERNIE + HERE IS WHERE I AM MAKING MONEY OFF OF HIM WHILE HE WINS AT LEAST 49 STATES

I am pretty comfortable betting that Bernie Sanders will win states that are the right combination of young, Latino, have as caucus rather than a primary, are rural, have historically populist tendencies, are bra-burning liberal, are voting soon, and/or went for Sanders in a landslide in 2016. There are some exceptions to this and believe it or not, Rainbow Jeremy had an excellent tweet thread on the subject a little while ago:

Anyway, I’m betting on Bernie to win all of the states below. They should be gimmes:

UTAH — youngest state in the country, crushed for Bernie in 2016, minorities are basically the only people who aren’t Republicans, large Hispanic population (14%)

IDAHO — population concentrated in Boise (great for Bernie!), 6th youngest state, voted 3-to-1 for Bernie in 2016, populist.

MAINE — regional advantage for Bernie, historically liberal, rural.

WASHINGTON – liberal AF, Dems concentrated in urban areas, Bernie crushed Hillary by 50 points in 2016.

NORTH DAKOTA — absolute slaughterhouse for Clinton 2016 campaign, populism.

ALASKA — not a caucus anymore but young AF (2nd youngest state), easy win in 2016, rural, populist, already has some comfort with socialism due to the fact that you can see Russia from Sarah Palin’s house.


NEW MEXICO. You can still buy Bernie YES in the 60s here because there are some betas who think that Bernie will drop out before June. Please. On what planet is Bernie Sanders not staying in this race until the very end? You can’t stop a revolution in three months.

Also I will probably buy back in to Bernie winning Nevada.

And drumroll please…

I own Bernie to win the nomination at 48 cents (yikes).

Lock it in.


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