Super Tuesday: Never Say Never. Also, Everything is Inevitable.


One quick thought about Super Tuesday:

Never say never. Also, the Inevitable is actually inevitable.

For weeks, political psychos have just been wailing on the Fake News about how Bernie Sanders is gong to win the nomination and at least 49 states along with it. But over the course of the last week, the entire race turned on its head and Joe Biden emerged as the frontrunner.

It is honestly hard to even compare what him winning Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota means. That is a bigger flex than the time Baker Mayfield planted the Oklahoma flag on Ohio State’s logo.

baker flag

It is a bigger win behind enemy lines than what Rambo pulled-off in First Blood Parts 1-3. But I mean if we are being totally honest, the only people who are surprised at all about Super Tuesday are fancy people. The boneheads had this one right all along. If you were just a gambling addict/dive bar know-it-all who put $100 on Joe Biden six months ago and then went back to vaping and watching porn, you probably did better than “experts” who got shook AF by Bernie’s run in New Hampshire and Nevada. Let’s get real: the Democratic Primary has basically played out exactly the way that people with no knowledge of politics would have predicted: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in a two man race, with every other candidate being a total loser.

We joined in this feast, picking Bernie to lose in TX, Arkansas, and Alabama; and Biden to win Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina and Texas.

We took fat Ls in California and Minnesota.

We took early profits (phew!) in Maine and Massachusetts.

And we committed absolute bank robberies in Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi, and Kentucky, where we we got in early and were handsomely rewarded. All of these positions are now closed.

What a time to be alive. But — should anyone have been surprised? 


And that’s the funny thing. Once these elections are over, the result always feel the same: inevitable. Obvious.

Shit. If only we knew.


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4 thoughts on “Super Tuesday: Never Say Never. Also, Everything is Inevitable.

    1. Will Dem VP be female. Yes.

      Will R VP be female. NO.

      I don’t think there will be a brokered convention but am cashed out.

      Re evaluating my positions Bernie YES in ND,WY, WA but those might be great buys. Don’t know yet.

      Look for a forthcoming post.

      Your thoughts?

      Have been busy earning a living will have better thoughts later.

      1. Bought Bernie Yes heavily in Washington. I think that’s a lock especially with warren out. Same with Oregon, though that has some dropout risk… Antifa rule those states they ain’t voting for Biden. I bought some in Idaho i also think he wins that and the risk reward for bernie yes is good. I bought a bunch of cheap New Mexico bernie shares too but will prob sell some of that when bernie does good in Washington and Idaho. Sneaky dark horse: Bernie yes in Kentucky, probably wouldn’t buy it now but if it gets single digits its a buy, lots of rural white workers that bernie does well with and less black voters Biden does well with but not a lot of white suburban people Biden does good with.

        I am with you on the republican female VP no.

        Sent some bernie Wisconsin yes but not sure how i feel…. i like Biden long term but bernie got ridiculously cheap. He is always a better candidate when he isnt the front runner. He will take the knives out now. Debate will be important.

      2. Sorry just replying now. Be careful. Bernie not doing well with rural whites this time. Btw I am from Kentucky originally, there is a zero percent chance he can win here this time around. Having Hillz go vote against was a huge boost in 2016 but don’t expect to catch that lightning twice.

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