Everything Must Go: Democrats Abroad

Now that it is basically guaranteed that Joe Biden will be the Democratic Nominee there is a once-a-year sale going on on the website PredictIt. What I am talking about is a going out of business sale for anything that touches Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This is due to the fact that 99 percent of PredictIt traders and Fake News Media pundits assume that whichever candidate has won the most recent primary is a lock to win 50 states and they massively over-value the favorite. So I will be writing about a few blogs about markets where you can cash-in on some dead cat bounces on Bernie’s side of the primary.

Today’s featured market, where you can buy one dollar bills for 90 cents each, is the Democrats Abroad Primary. If you are like me then you did not know that there was a state called, “Democrats Abroad.” But it turns out that there is a coalition of former communist organizers/students who never came back from their study abroad program in the ’70s/retired Foreign Service officers who vote in the “Democrats Abroad Primary.” All I really know about this group is that 99 percent of them burned their bras decades ago, they are pretty old, and they voted for Bernie Sanders in a landslide in 2016. Also some of their results are showing up online and indicate the same thing happening again.

If you are lucky then you were able to buy into this market when it dipped into the 70s for Bernie. This was because Nate Silver posted some fake news about how Biden could win it. BTW, Nate Silver is the name of a pundit who used to be really good at predicting the future in politics but now mostly just predicts the past.

“Democrats Abroad” —> “Foreign Socialists for Sanders”.

Lock it in.


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