Some More Free Money from Bernie Sanders

There is just a fantastic money grab going on right now in Michigan. A fringe AF poll came out today that apparently was only slightly more sophisticated than a single Bernie Bro with an iPad stopping 25 (literally 25) people outside of grocery stores and asking them who they are going to vote for.

Anyway, because of this fake news poll, the PredictIt market on who will win Michigan has softened for Biden and you can now get YES shares for him around 90 cents and NO shares on Bernie for around 89.

I’ve been building a position whenever this swings my way and will keep cranking at these prices.

This fringe poll is also putting some downward pressure on the Michigan Margin of Victory market, where I have bought MORE THAN 10 percent.

This little guy has lost about 7 cents of value since the morning.

Could it be that we don’t know much about this race and people are missing some massive momentum shift in favor of the Bernie Bros? I think not.

Also here is the pollster, Doug Johnson Hatlem’s, bibliography on Jacobin, which is a magazine named after people whose contribution to history was discovering that you could behead rich people faster with a guillotine if you did not give them a fair trial.

So definitely no conflicts there. Also, wtf are these stories? This bro literally just invents fake data to say things like “Justin Trudeau gonna lose to some lefties” when it was Conservatives who busted-up his government. Literally the opposite thing happened. And tbh I have not read the article but there is at least a 99 percent chance that Hatlem is the only person in the world having “Stove Pipe Dreams” for Jeremy Corbyn, including Jeremy Corbyn.

But yeah, I guess he got lucky calling this state for Bernie in 2016. Whatever.

Which side do you want to be on?


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