PODCAST: COVID-19 is Messing with Election ’20

One thing I have been noticing is that people are starting to get seriously messed-up in their heads about the coronavirus. The Fake News Media has been chirping constantly about how COVID-19 is a respiratory infection but I personally have seen a lot of evidence that it also does major damage to people’s brains. The #1 place where this is happening is on PredictIt, where boneheads are betting stupid amounts of money on the following things:

  • The Democratic Primary being canceled.
  • Joe Biden quitting, dying, or being abducted before winning his party’s nomination.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo suddenly teleporting into the front of the race.
  • Andrew Yang making a comeback.
  • Some complete and total clown being picked for Vice President on the Dem ticket.

Anyway, we tackled the question of which primaries, if any, would get canceled due to the COVID situation on last week’s pod.

On this week’s pod, we are going to talk about the price action in PredictIt’s gambling market as it relates to whether or not Joe Biden is still cruising to win the Dem Primary and who his VP choice will be. We also have some surprise picks brought to you by gambling hardos Zoltar and Pratik. Also I forgot that it is Monday because I have been eating Cheetos on the couch for four days straight and watching Cops. Here is a link to stream:

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If you are a newcomer and want to get into the game, here is a link to get $20 free from PredictIt on your first deposit.


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