Thomas Massie is Knee-Deep in a MAGA Primary ($$$!!!)

Animals, I have been not-so-stealthily poking around in PredictIt’s market for GOP Rep. Thomas Massie’s primary against challenger Todd McMutry.

For those of you who have lives and enjoy television programming other than CSPAN, Cops, and Brazzers, let me fill you in. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is the weirdo Congressman who lives off the grid in Kentucky, made a few million bucks because he is a genius MIT engineer, and takes contrarian positions on everything. He has honestly been more annoying to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (and Paul Ryan before that) than an over-played Duran Duran song.

The pinnacle of Massie’s insanity came a few weeks ago when he rented a motor home and lived in his aunt’s driveway in Virginia for two weeks so that he could force a recorded vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill. Because of Massie, the entire Congress had to return to DC instead of just letting a $2.2. trillion bill sail through without even debating it, like any mature adults would do.

Trump got super heated about this and tweeted that:

I had been riding some NOs on Massie winning at 12 cents but tbh, the fundraising numbers that came out this week are not promising for his opponent. Basically, Todd McMutry got out-raised 2-1 by Massie this quarter and that is not good news at all if you are trying to knock-off an incumbent.

I personally am skeptical that Trump has the attention span or interest to hold his grudge against Massie into the summer. The President is a classic mean girl and is definitely Regina George:

This means that by summer, there will be some other metaphorical fat chicks for him to clown on and he will be back to just remembering that Massie is a total weirdo who is Kevin McCarthy’s problem, not his.

I sold my NOs here at 17 cents. But now that this line is stretched to 70-30, I am going to buy some YES on Massie and try and ride that up to where this race should be right now, which is in the 85-15 range. If Trump remembers his grudge, maybe I’ll switch back again. But for now, things look alright for Thomas Massie.


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