Another Day, Another Dollar

Today is an amazing day. One reason why is that I have finally overcome the body image problems I have developed during this quarantine. Basically, I have realized that calories do not count when you are living in a hole with nothing but Netflix, Modelo, and Tombstone pizzas to keep you company. So I just skip out of the shower every day and flex my new beach bod:

The second reason why is that the Kamala Harris pump in PredictIt’s Vice President betting market has finally died.

If you have been following this blog, I have been running my mouth about what a total joke it is that people think she will be Joe Biden’s Vice President. We actually just talked about it on this week’s pod.

Anyway, the cost of her shares collapsed from the high-30s to the mid-20s today. I dumped my pile of NO shares for a 10 cent per share gain, which was a nice way to cure my case of the Mondays. I’ll buy in again once this line stretches and people start reading news stories that make them think she is going to get the job again. For now, I’m going to order some more Tombstone Pizzas and work on my beach bod.


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1 thought on “Another Day, Another Dollar

  1. Good for you!

    I never thought KH had a serious chance so
    I watched with glee her shares collapse.

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