Zoltar’s Top 5: The Most Likely Primary Cancellations

Watch the SSG pod for more deets, until then I’m coming in hot with the TLDR version.

New York is getting cancelled.

Bernie suspends campaign, Fredo moves election from April 28 to June 23 and then passes a state budget bill that includes a rando provision allowing Board of Elections (fancy talk for 2 dudes -Kellner and Spano) to cancel elections if everyone except one candidate suspends campaign.  Why would Cuomo pass a budget bill with this random provision?  To use it and save money by having mail-in vote that applies to state elections only.  Why is Bernie conspicuously absent from any public statement decrying the potential cancellation of New York’s federal primary?  Because he’s about to announce a backroom deal to get delegates without it.  NY is dunzo.  Buy the No Biden shares in the 50s while you still can.

Puerto Rico is getting cancelled.

Zoltar came in hot with this prediction at 16 cents back when the learned pros of PredictIt were claiming it was impossible to cancel a primary. See below:

Zoltar spits takes on why primaries will be cancelled

Now PR is trading at about 33 cents. Printing, mailing, receiving, and counting millions of votes is a massive undertaking.  Puerto Rico has postponed its primary indefinitely.  Just like when you would delay writing your term paper until you had time to learn the subject you were writing on, PR is simply delaying the inevitable.  They will not be able to hold the election, in two months there will be even less of a reason to try.  No Biden will hit 99 cents.

Connecticut is getting cancelled.

Connecticut is the less attractive sister of New York…but she is still bangable.  Only difference is that Connecticut requires Bernie to send a letter asking for his name to be withdrawn and it’s harder for Connecticut to hold an election with only mail in votes.  As you read this post, Biden and the DNC establishment are doing a shady backroom deal to give him delegates without placing lives at risk via Connecticut election. You’ll probably hear about the agreement once it’s reached in the next few weeks.  In the interim, this is the window to load up on Conn Biden Nos. 

New Jersey and Louisiana No Biden’s will spike.

These states are last on the calendar so, should the Bernie DNC establishment compromise discussed above take place, the price of No Biden’s in these markets will spike.  Buy them now, sell half on the news of NY getting cancelled and keep the rest to make back all that money you lost on the stock market.

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  1. Made a few $ on the NY primary as a result of your advice, thank you Zoltar! Taking a little more risk with the other four primaries now. Fingers crossed!

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