Pod & Vlog: The Future of Political Gambling with Steve Bittenbender (Casino.Org)

The Boys are hitting different on this episode of Star Spangled Gamblers. Pratik and I caught up with Steve Bittenbeder, who covers sports, the gaming business, and politics and legislation for Casino.Org, which is basically the Deadline/Politico/Deal Book for the casino industry. Steve is an absolute genius and a national treasure when it comes to knowing the roadmap for making political gambling the next big thing. Obviously, this is what we are all about.

On this episode we cover:

  • What states are primed to legalize political gambling?
  • Why did West Virginia bone political gamblers after briefly legalizing?
  • Is PredictIt’s regulatory status safe?
  • How can we start a political gambling revolution?
  • What are people in the Gaming Industry betting on this election?

All that and more on this episode of Star Spangled Gamblers.

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If you are a newcomer and want to get into the game, here is a link to get $20 free from PredictIt on your first deposit.


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