POD & VLOG: Election Picks & Drinking Games with Sharko Rubio


I am going to give you the old straight talk here. Since we are now media moguls who have a 2X weekly webcast, we are committed to hitting different every time to keep you animals on your toes. So today we are unveiling a new format for SSG guests. Our first victim is trader Sharko Rubio aka The Political Kiwi, who is an absolute genius and who is actually not strung-out on crank like his Twitter election map-making habits suggest.

For our guest format, we’re going to play two games. The first we are calling Fade or Follow, where our panel of geniuses opines about whether or not they want to bet with the trends or against them. These trends include:

  • Trump being favored in FL, GA, and TX
  • Trump being a massive dog in AZ and NV
  • GOP being favored in GA Senate races

Next, we are going to play Would You Rather with some truly terrible betting choices. Would you rather bet on:

  • Trump to win popular vote or Republicans to win CA-25?
  • Democrats to win TX or Win >241 House seats?
  • Trump to win ME-02 or NE-02?
  • A Third Party or fringe candidate to run?

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