ZOLTAR’S LOCKS: Mike Flynn Gets an Asterisk, NY Gets an Update

Whoops. First, the bad news, I made a major mistake in my blue horseshoe market board pick of the week.

Fueled by my assumption that pardons for pre-crimes only existed in Tom Cruise Scientology movies, I read the rules for this dunker:

Which read, “Trump shall grant clemency to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for one or more criminal offenses, charges or convictions,” as requiring Trump clemency for an existing charge or conviction while failing to imagine that it could also apply to future charges. Like I said, I did not imagine that we could literally be living in Minority Report. But for what it’s worth, feel free to use the “Does a future criminal charge that never happens count as a criminal charge?” for a rule cuck pump and dump if and when the day comes.

Bottom line: my mistake takes my blue horseshoe pick out of the “cracked” market category (i.e. 99% win) and moves her into the buy under 90 cents range. However, NO shares are still my lock of the week because there are still many other solid reasons for Trump not to issue Flynn a pardon. For example….

  • In Flynn’s case the DOJ just filed motion to dismiss case.  This means the DOJ is telling the judge that they do not want to prosecute Flynn. At the same time, Flynn is telling the judge that he doesn’t want to be prosecuted. Therefore, there is no longer an actual controversy for the judge to resolve. I don’t think Judge Sullivan will want to create a controversy, out of thin air, by issuing order to dismiss without prejudice.
  • During this investigation and trial, the following people have dropped their pants and taken a hot dump on Flynn’s head: (1) the FBI; (2) the press; (3) Flynn’s prior law firm; and, (4) even Judge Sullivan, who suggested during a hearing that Flynn should have been charged with treason. At this point Sullivan focuses his rage at the DOJ (both before Barr and after) to dress them down at the next hearing for everything they did to help contribute to this massive waste of time, resources, and money. If true, I doubt the Judge would then push the “dismiss without prejudice” button that neither side is asking for, so that one day this debacle of a prosecution could do more damage to all involved.

New York State Primary

This market is now a legal battle royal between (1) Team Kill the Vote; and (2) Team Kill Old People.  Moreover, this judicial version of “would you rather?” game looks like she’s going to get resolved on Friday.

After speaking with my friends and family on the matter, and some quiet contemplation….I have decided to bring my talents to team Kill the Vote (NO on Biden).  Two major reasons why are: (1) the prior opinion of the district court case was based on incorrect facts, i.e. that Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign before the budget/election bill passed (and therefore before Bernie knew the consequences of suspending his campaign would mean no Presidential primary in NY); and (2) the judge is reviewing the preliminary injunction request — i.e. the request to force Presidential Primary in NY “de novo.” That’s fancy lawyer talk for starting from scratch, as if no one has ruled on it before.  That means the odds should be, at the very least, 50/50. 

If you disagree. you are on Team Kill Old People and will have old people blood on your hands.  Everyone buy No shares, medium bet on anything under 60 cents.   

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