TIPS FROM THE BOYS: An Anime Cartoon for Free Money

Some of you animals might have heard of a gambler named Slade, who gave out one of the Golden Modelo Awards at our annual gala for excellence in political gambling. Anyway, Slade is a huge lover of three things: free money, creepy photographs of seals, and anime. Here is one of his posts from Twitter, which you should definitely follow:

This is his photo:

He’s one of the top-ranked players in the game:

And he was kind enough to make me a tribute:

As you can see, this man is a frightening genius. And his most recent act of genius was to send me an anime comic strip with instructions for how to make free money betting on politics. Check it out:


At which point Slade Provided me this chart of free money trades that he and his anime sleuths detected:

MarketBracketLatest PriceSettle DateAnnualized ReturnDays until payoutPeriods per yearPredictIt Winner Fees per share
@whitehouse tweets199 or fewer0.995/14/2020328.50%13650.001
2020 Oregon Democratic PrimaryBERNIE NO0.985/20/202093.86%752.142857140.002
2020 Hawaii Democratic PrimaryBERNIE NO0.985/23/202065.70%1036.50.002
2020 Maryland Democratic PrimaryBERNIE NO0.996/3/202015.64%2117.380952380.001
Hillary run for President in May?NO0.986/1/202034.58%1919.210526320.002
Federal charge against John Brennan?NO0.847/1/2020107.27%497.4489795920.016
Who will win 2020 Dem nominee?CLINTON NO0.938/19/202023.46%983.7244897960.007
Why will win Wyoming 2020 election?Republican0.9611/3/20207.55%1742.0977011490.004
Who will win DC 2020 election?Democratic0.9711/4/20205.63%1752.0857142860.003
Trump Pardon Epstein?NO0.971/21/20213.90%2531.4426877470.003
Zoltar’s Trump Grant Flynn clemency?NO0.691/21/202140.25%2531.4426877470.031
Trump’s Next Surpeme Court JusticeANDREW NAPOLITANO NO0.991/21/20250.19%17140.21295215870.001

It’s linked here in case he ever updates it:


Please contact me if you know how to link this Google sheet to PredictIt’s API to automatically update with free money markets closing ASAP.

Now go follow Slade and make some money.


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